Did I Mention (I Want Your Love)

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Greg Anton

Called "I Want Your Love" in "Box Of Rain", but "Did I Mention" on Zero's recording

You walk in here so cool and wise
I like the way you stare
Silver daggers in your eyes
And midnight in your hair

I don't want to tie you up
Don't want to tie you down
Just want to pass the loving cup
Splash some on the ground

Hey good lookin', I want your love
You know I surely do
I want your rainbow in my sky
Your Heaven in my blue

Rock and roll pull you through
And out the other side
Set you on a mountain top
Above the raging tide

Leading with the heart and chin
Like crazy people do
Watch the burning bridges spin
Before a dream comes true

Did I mention I want your love?
Or did it slip my mind?
Did I tell you I'm prepared
To pay you back in kind?

We can go to Mardi Gras
Bathe in French champagne
See the side we never saw
Run naked in the rain

We could go to Paris on
The rock and roll express
In the dark and by the dawn
Collapse in fancy dress

Hey sweet baby I want your love
Your footprints on my heart
I want you till worlds collide
And the whole place blows apart

Baby, baby I love you so (note 1)
You're the one I need
Listen to my radio
It says it all for me

I met you at the movies
Loved you on the screen
Loved you in the alleys of
The heartaches of a dream

You know, you know I want your love
I'm sunk beneath your spell
First and last and always baby
The rest can go to Hell

(1) Zero leave out this verse and the next one (and re-arrange the order of the choruses)

     Date Album Recorded By
     1997 Zero Zero
     2002 Sweetwater & Eggs Gregg's Eggs

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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