Delta Jubilee

Lyrics: Donna Jean Godchaux, Jeff Mattson
Music: Donna Jean Godchaux, Jeff Mattson

A new song introduced by the Donna Jean Godchaux Band in 2011.

Holy, holy moley
Daddy strung lights on the willow tree
He said, hey child, pretty as you please
Come tonight we're gonna jubilee
Good news, get on your shoes
Dancing tonight here on Lucky's slough

Oh halleleu, oh halleleu
Going to make it through
Oh hallelujeu, oh halleleu
Shaking off the blues
We're gonna dance along the riverside
High water breaking in the moonlight
Wish upon a star in the heat of Delta night
Oh halleleu

Mama, busy as a bee
Buzzing around on honeysuckle tea
She say, Lord, Lord have mercy on me
Heat up the stove for the jubilee
She say, hey hon, I got fish to fry
Roll out the dough for the sugar pie


Mama, Daddy come see
River folk leaping round the willow tree
Holy, holy moley
Town rolling in for the jubilee
Hey now, don't need a thing
Take a little time and hear the river sing


Twilight, fireflies
And crawling cartoons
Fishing poles, swimming hole
And silvery moons
River sounds, barking hounds
Sweet smelling blooms
Ebb and flow, high and low
Got nothing to lose

Holy, holy moley
Daddy got down with the jubilee
Lord, Lord, oh glory be
Mama did too in a fancy free
Hey now, everybody see
Lights still hanging on the willow tree

     Date Album Recorded By
     2013 Back Around Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson


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