Dead Or Alive

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

A fragment sung by Robert Hunter at a recording session with David Nelson and some members of the Grateful Dead in summer 1969.

[cuts in]
[Going up with wine]
And one of these days now
The sun just got to shine

She set het house on fire
Sat and watched the flames
When they ask who done it
You know she give my name

Some times I get tired
Sit around feeling blue
Along come a [?] woman
So what can I do for you

You can go on home babe
Back where you belong
I know I got the blues today
But I ain't gonna have them long

I'm going to Toledo
Rain will find me there
Memphis women eat you alive
And never come up for air

Way down in Memphis
The people all [talk] and jive
Got a note from [Wally]
Want you dead or alive


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