Cut And Run

Lyrics: David Nelson
Music: David Nelson

Played by David Nelson with Bill Kreutzmann and the Tryptoband in 2014.

You gotta do what you gotta do
And me, and everybody else
Don't punish the world, because you're in it too
You better consider your health

Got seventeen hundred and eight of them
The reasons over-ride the rule
What's the matter officer? Traffic violation?
I'm doing the best I can do

Get a move on, do it or die
The time to vamoose has arrived
Blow this pop stand, tell it goodbye
And run because you cannot fly

Take your honest face
And the love for the chase
And book it on outta here

Take a trial run before you cut and run
No sense walking around blind
'Cause once in effect it can't be undone
Your fate is already defined

A twenty four carat opportune occasion
There ain't no present like the time
Put your head in the noose or lose your explanation
The penalty won't fit the crime

Motorvate a hasty retreat
Or maybe take it on the lam
Absquatulate it, break for the street
Your fortune troubles you to scram

Take your big wide face
And your love for the chase
And book it on outta here

I never get tired of losing track of time, now
Punch it, I know the road
Working in my garden or trying to make it rhyme now
It never seems to get old

Wouldn't want to lose me a handful of brains now {note 1)
Better get something you can eat
You never know who's gonna get stuck with the blame now
When good luck and bad come to meet

Now to outer, we bid our adieu
For hauling ass is apropos
We're taking a powder, say alchohol you
And kawa step it up and go

Seize the time and the place
Leave behind no trace
And book it on outta here

It's never too late to try a different combination
And keep rocking like a fool
Whatever you say depends upon the connotation
You come here to talk or play pool?

Get a mule on, crank up the blaze
And boogaloo on down the road
Over-ruled on grounds of fair play
The shortest story ever told

Disconnect this place
From your personal space
And book it on outta here
(1) "A handful of brains" is the title of one of the New Rider's album Before Time Began (one of the backwards tracks)

     Date Album Recorded By
     27 Jun 2009 Crystal Bay Live David Nelson Band
      2014 Once In A Blue Moon David Nelson Band


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