Cowboy Song

Lyrics: Unknown
Music: Unknown

This was sung once, on 9 April 1970, in an electric set.

Jim Powell's description:

"Cowboy Song" is an instrumental involving audience participation on a hoe-down type riff with an unknown vocalist conducting in a sort of scat and yodel fashion. This one-time-only affair never had a name: the title comes from tape labels.
There have been a number of suggestions for who the unknown vocalist might be, but no agreement.

I find the words very hard to decipher
Slow it down [where it too far]
Gotta slow it down [where it should be]
Slow everything down [out in the country]
Gotta slow it down [keep it slow, cat]

[Can you give it pony truckin' for a beer, gal]
[Go out and find it wrapped in sin]
[If you don't mind one brand, six will do]
Seven's a lucky number [...]
[The price is up] where I belong
Singing them old country songs
Get everybody singing country songs
Get everybody back where we belong
Get everybody back where we belong
Get everybody singing songs
Said fee fi fip yi yo
(fee fi fip yi yo)
Fee fi hoo doo doo doo
[etc with scat singing]

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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