Come To Life

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: David Freiberg, Stephen Schuster

The first of Hunter' lyrics to make it onto a number-one album.

Everything has come to life again
No one doubted but the ice got thin
What came too soon was so hard to keep
So full a harvest it was hard to reap (note 1)

There were days (note 2)
Seemed just like the walls would crumble
Shoot from the hip and pray for trouble
Stone-cold sober and seeing double
How that midnight band could ramble
Taking mansions and leaving shambles (note 3)

Remember other times and places
Last night's dance, the glowing faces
All the lights and shadows in the hall (note 4)
Seeking higher peaks from which to fall (note 5)

Remember, we were telling you
That time would stop and nations fall
Now we find the lies come true
Can you tell me, tell me, tell me
What are we to do?

Because the good old days
Those good old days are all dead and gone
Good-bye and bless them all, every one
What was true has passed the test
Just as well forget the rest
Half of what you saw was not yours to know
Let it go
(1) Robert Hunter sang an additional line in live performance: "So full a promise who could ever keep"
(2) "There were times" in the Starship recording
(3) "Taking castles ..." in Hunter's live performance
(4) "White-hot lights ..." in Hunter's live performance
(5) "Seeking greater heights from which to fall" in Hunter's live performance

     Date Album Recorded By
     1974 Dragonfly Jefferson Starship

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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