Come On Baby

Lyrics: Roger Troy?
Music: Wales and Garcia

Sung by Roger Troy with Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales on 26 Jan 1972. The title and authorship are unknown - "Come On Baby" is the title most often used on setlist. It is listed as separate song but it seems to follow on from Carry Me Back.

You don't try to tell
You don't try, I'm telling you
You got nothing, nothing baby
What I'm gonna give you
[?] turn on me
When I'm trying to tell you
I can't get back, baby, no more
Come on, come on, yeah, yeah
Come on back now
Come on back girl
Come on back child
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I can't give away
I can't give away nothing else, baby
Sure don't know what you're giving me
I don't know now baby

Come on down to the railroad track
Get youself a-grooving
If your [?] all right
They don't mind you grooving


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