Clampdown World

Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Mike Bolger, Paul Bolger, Mark Hague

One of the songs Barlow wrote with Mr Blotto

It's a nasty little secret
That everybody knows
We keep it in a little house
Where no one ever goes

I've got to remember how to learn to dance
While I'm living in a clampdown world
But I'd shoot the fiddler if given half a chance
I'm living in clampdown world
Taking off my shoes for security
I shuffle through a clampdown world
With holes in my socks and religous beliefs
I'm making me a clampdown world
Clampdown world

Revolution's in the cards
And we're losing every hand
How much more can you take?
As much as I can stand

We're turning up the kettle fire
While we're tightening the lid
Let us preach against desires now
But we all know what we did

I'm jumpy as a car in a rocker filled room
From the perils of a clampdown world
Got a boogieman a minute from dawn til doom
Until they overrun a clampdown world
I'm chasing my tail like an endless wheel
Running circles through your clampdown world
The more I get, well the shorter it feels
It's a problem in the clampdown world

Meanwhile love is working perfectly fine
It's hard to be afraid
When there's no such thing as time
But until infinity arrives
We're living in a clampdown world
     Date Album Recorded By
     2006 Barlow Shanghai Mr Blotto
     2006 Barlow Shanghai - Live in Chicago Mr Blotto
     2010 Blottopia XI Day 2 Mr Blotto
     2011 Blottopia XII Day 1 Mr Blotto


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