Brown-Eyed Women

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Jerry Garcia

Gone are the days when the ox fall down (note a)
Take up the yoke and plow the fields around
Gone are the days when the ladies said "please
Gentle Jack Jones won't you come to me" (note b)

Brown-eyed women and red grenadine
The bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean
Sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down
And it looks like the old man's getting on

Nineteen twenty when he stepped to the bar
Drank to the dregs of the whiskey jar
Nineteen thirty when the Wall caved in (note c)
He made his way selling red-eyed gin (note d)


Delilah Jones was the mother of twins
Two times over and the rest were sins (note h)
Raised eight boys, only I turned bad (note e) (note j)
Didn't get the lickings that the other ones had


Tumble-down shack in Big Foot County
Snowed so hard that the roof caved in
Delilah Jones went to meet her God (note i)
And the old man never was the same again

Daddy made whiskey and he made it well
Cost two dollars and it burned like hell (note f)
I cut hickory just to fire the still
Drink down a bottle and you're ready to kill (note g)


And it looks like the old man's getting on
(a) in a very early version, on 24 August 1971 (DP35) Jerry sang "... when the ox broke down."
(b) the lyrics in "Box Of Rain" are "gently, Jack Jones, won't you come to me" and that's what Hunter sings in solo performances. But, interestingly, his hand-written lyrics have "gentle". Jerry sang "gently" in early performances, but changed it subsequently to "gentle Jack Jones ..." - or that's certainly what it sounds like to me.
(c) in solo performances, Robert Hunter sometimes sang "... when Wall Street caved in."
(d) the Hunter lyrics are "He paid his way ..." and Garcia sang that in early versions. But it sounds to me as if he later sang it as "He made his way ...". Hunter's hand-written lyrics have "brown-eyed gin" crossed out and changed to "red-eyed".
(e) in the version on 24 August 1971, Jerry sang "Three times over ..." and "Thirteen children, only I turned bad"
(f) at least once in 1985, Jerry sang "Cost five dollars ..." (thanks to Doug Reddick for pointing this out)
(g) in early versions, Jerry sang "Drink two drinks and you're fit to kill"
(h) in 1978, Hunter sang this line as "Several times over but she never married him"
(i) Robert Hunter's handwritten lyrics suggest the line was originally "went to meet her Guide"
(j) Hunter's hand-written lyrics have "Raised eight boys on the [illegible] I turned bad"

Robert Hunter has added some additional verses in solo performances - the following from 2 November 1998 (hard to decipher):
[?] my older brother, his name was Ben
My sister died at the age of ten
We followed up to the burying ground
Was the first time Daddy's tears hit the ground

First came school, and then came the law
[...] and the wall [...]
But I grew up just a little too slow
I moved over into Arkansas

When I went back it was twenty years' later
Tears were falling at the place again

[I think the next bit is a fragment from a different song]
My moma they were gone [...], lay down, lay down
[...] in her arms, saying baby, babe lay down
Lay down
Lay down
And I see your slumber [...]
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(Plus live recordings by The Dead, Furthur, Dead & Company, Ratdog, Phil Lesh & Friends etc not listed here. See Grateful Dead Family Discography for a full list.)
Covers etc
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(1) also on the compilations What A Long Strange Trip It's Been and The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live, and on the box set Europe '72 - The Complete Recordings
(2) also included on the compilation "Stolen Roses"
(3) The list above includes only one illustrative example of the series of live recordings by these artists. For a full list see the Grateful Dead Family Discography.

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