Blow My Mind

Lyrics: Rollie, Shapiro, Cox, Leidenthal
Music: Rollie, Shapiro, Cox, Leidenthal

Recorded by William Penn and His Pals when Mickey Hart was briefly in the band in 1966 as a second drummer.

Well I woke up this morning, and I looked at the time
Then I found to my surprise it was half past nine
Oohh, blow my mind

You know I got to this job, I found there was no time
And the boss said, sorry, son, you'll just have to resign
Oohh, blow my mind

You know I phoned up my girl, 'cause I was in a bind
Oh she just hung up the phone, I lost my very last dime

Well I'm sitting here stoned, I see the world [?]
But I tell you one thing, boy, I just blew my mind
     Date Album Recorded By
     2003 William Penn and His Pals William Penn and His Pals


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