Behind Your Eyes

Lyrics: Alex Koford
Music: Alex Koford

Sung by Alex Koford with Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band in July 2014 (as well as with the band Colonel & The Mermaids). Any help with lyrics gratefully received.

As I write this song on the dirty old dusty road
I keep thinking it's all been done before
And I don't mind how much I'm cruising anyway
And I don't want me by my side, the sun is shining but the sky is grey

Late December, on the south [?] side of the street
Feeling all flopping around in the presence [?]
So tell me people, we are going so bad
Should have tried to [?] to quit, before we might just feel [?]

It's not so bad in the summer, when the [?] is singing in your eyes
Cover too much, my friend, there ain't no reason for you to cry
Hop on my magic carpet, I want to take you for a ride
[?] outside
[?] outside

It's in your mind
Behind your eyes
[?] right beside
It's in your mind
It's in your mind


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