Lyrics: Jeff Mattson
Music: Jeff Mattson

A Zen Tricksters' song from their CD The Holy Fool played by Phil & Friends on 8 October 1999. Also played by Donna Jean and the Tricksters. Thanks to Jeff Mattson for providing the lyrics.

Call it an urge, call it a change of scene
The boy walks alone in the heat of the day
A virgin dreams, a tenderfoot schemes
The mountain is huge but it stands in the way

Call it his fate, call it a change of heart
The boy tests his will on the face of the stone
A climber's stance, a daredevil dance
By leaving his mark he makes it his own

Take heed my friend for the hour is at hand
The top of the hourglass has run out of sand
The waiting is over, the voice is clear
Awaken, Arise for someday is here

Call it good will, call it a change of luck
The boy stays alive by the seat of his pants
The wings unfurl, the talons curl
His guardian angel leaves nothing to chance

Call it a day, call it a change in wind
The boy stands amazed at the foot of a cloud
A taste of the prize, the light in his eyes
His body is tired but his heart, it is proud

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     Date Album Recorded By
      1998 The Holy Fool Zen Tricksters
     12 Nov 2005 For Rex: The Black Tie Dye Ball Zen Tricksters plus friends

Further Information
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