Aim At The Heart

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Time doesn't fly
Just hangs over like the sky
It's we who go by
Makes no difference how or why
     Everything you cherish
     Throws you over in the end
     Thorns will grab your ankles
     From the gardens that you tend
Damned if you do
Double damned if you don't try
Caught on the fly
Hello fades into goodbye

Aim at the heart
Don't ask whose love you're stealing
Aim at the heart
Even when it's too revealing
Aim at the heart
I tell you, aim at the heart
Aim at the heart

Sitting on a back street many years ago
The tears from your eyes did flow
Feeling out of place inside the time when you were born
No place else to go
     Suddenly a rainbow rose
     And spread across the land
     Hung there while the Beatles sang
     I want to hold your hand (note 1)

What can you say?
Here tomorrow, gone today
Faith fades away
For idols with their feet of clay
     Keep your head upon your neck
     It's not too late for that
     Even though the winds of change
     Have blown away your hat

Aim at the heart
I tell you, aim at the heart
Aim at the heart

Kiss it and pass
Time become a looking glass
Where love combs her hair
Look again, she isn't there
     The echo of her laughter
     Fades into the western skies
     Where ribbons that you bought her
     Are reflected in her eyes

(1) Thanks to DJ Johnson for pointing out that at the Terrapin Station Grateful Dead Family Reunion at Alpine Valley on 4 August 2002, Robert Hunter sang "Hung there while the boys were singing Playing in the Band".

Robert Hunter Recordings
     Date Album
     1986 Rock Columbia

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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