Without A Net

The sleeve notes just say "Recorded Live October 1989 - April 1990". The dates below are culled from a variety of sources (some from DeadBase, some from postings on rec.music.gdead, mailing lists etc).

Feel Like A Stranger 9 Oct 1989
Mississipi Half Step 21 Mar 1990 (note 4)
Walkin' Blues 15 Mar 1990 (note 1)
Althea 15 Mar 1990 (note 6)
Cassidy 19 Oct 1989 (note 2)
Bird Song 9 Dec 1989 (note 3)
Let It Grow 14 Mar 1990 (note 4)
China Cat Sunflower 1 Apr 1990 (note 4)
I Know You Rider 1 Apr 1990 (note 4)
Looks Like Rain 28 Mar 1990 (note 4)
Eyes Of The World 29 Mar 1990 (note 4)
Victim Or The Crime 15 Oct 1989 (note 7)
Help On The Way 30 Mar 1990 (note 5)
Slipknot 30 Mar 1990 (note 5)
Franklin's Tower 30 Mar 1990 (note 5)
One More Saturday Night ?24 Mar 1990
Dear Mr Fantasy 1 Apr 1990 (note 4)
(1) there is some confusion over the date of this track. Some people have identified 23 Oct 1989 as the date, but Patrick Russell has checked the two versions and says they are definitely not the same. The other date often given is 15 March 1990. That would make it the same recording as on Terrapin Station (Limited Edition). The instrumental playing certainly sounds identical. But Andrew Knight had pointed out to me that the vocals are slightly different: at one point in the third verse (around 2.15), Bobby sings "Don't let them tell you" on the Terrapin version and repeats "Some people tell you" on the "Without A Net" version. Either the "Without A Net" version is from yet another date or Bobby re-recorded the vocals. Unless someone unearths another version that matches, I've assumed the vocals were re-recorded - as they were for some of the other tracks on this CD such as "Looks Like Rain" and "Eyes Of The World"
(2) I have also seen 25 Feb 1990 as the date for this track, but Jeremy Sarka has listened to both versions and says it is definitely 19 Oct 1989.
(3) some have identified 25 March 1990 as the date for this track. But the consensus seems to be 9 December 1989 - and that's now listed in DeadBase as the date.
(4) also released on Spring 1990 (The Other One)
(5) also released on Spring 1990
(6) also released on Terrapin Station (Limited Edition)
(7) Previously identified as from 21 March 1990, but Patrick Buzby says it's 15 October 1989

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography
For liner notes for this album see the Grateful Dead Album Reference site (now archived)


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