As with Dead Set, the sleeve notes say this was recorded at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, September 25-October 14 1980 and at Radio City Music Hall, New York, October 22-31 1980. See also the video/DVD Dead Ahead taken from these shows. The dates for individual tracks (where available) are taken from DeadBase or other sources - thanks in particular to Todd Corey.

Dire Wolf 11 Oct 1980
The Race Is On 13 Oct 1980 (2)
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie 30 Sep 1980 (2) (1)
It Must Have Been The Roses 26 Oct 1980 (2)
Dark Hollow  7 Oct 1980 (2) (6)
China Doll 14 Oct 1980 (2)
I've Been All Around This World 14 Oct 1980 (3)
Monkey And The Engineer 27 Oct 1980 (2)
Jack A Roe 10 Oct 1980
Deep Elem Blues 11 Oct 1980
Cassidy 14 Oct 1980 (2)
To Lay Me Down 25 Oct 1980 (2)
Rosalie McFall 26 Sep 1980 (4)
On The Road Again 30 Oct 1980 (8)
Bird Song 14 Oct 1980 (5)
Ripple 4 Oct 1980 (7)
Remastered and reissued in 2004 with an additional CD taken from the same shows as part of the box set Beyond Description (1973-1990). The tracks on the new CD are:
To Lay Me Down studio rehearsal 14 Sep 1980
Iko Iko live version 7 Oct 1980
Heaven Help The Fool live version 25 Oct 1980
El Paso live version 13 Oct 1980
Sage And Spirit live version 31 Oct 1980
Little Sadie live version 31 Oct 1980
It Must Have Been The Roses live version 23 Oct 1980
Dark Hollow live version 23 Oct 1980
Jack-A-Roe live version 23 Oct 1980
Cassidy live version 23 Oct 1980
China Doll live version 23 Oct 1980
Monkey And The Engineer live version 23 Oct 1980
Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie live version 23 Oct 1980
Ripple live version 23 Oct 1980
Tom Dooley live version 17 Nov 1978
Deep Elem Blues live version 17 Nov 1978

(1) "Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie" was on the LP but was omitted from the original CD (though it is now on the re-issued version)
(2) Thanks to Todd Corey for identifying these dates
(3) Dan Franzen identified this as from 27 October, but Patrick Busby says it's 14 October (though with Bob's comment after they finish being from 27 October).
(4) Charles Frederick identified this as from 25 September, but Patrick Buzby says it's 26 September.
(5) Thanks to Todd Corey and Patrick Buzby for identifying this date.
(6) Also on the Long Strange Trip Soundtrack
(7) DeadBase has the date for this as 26 September 1980, but the compilation The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live lists the date as 4 October.
(8) Aaron Donovan had produced the following analysis:
"On the Road Again" also appears on the "Dead Ahead" video, the liner notes of which say was recorded only at Radio City Music Hall. All band members are wearing exactly the same thing for all four acoustic songs in "Dead Ahead," making it very likely that all four of those songs are from the same night. Only two Radio City shows, 10/22/80 and 10/27/80, contained all four of these songs, "Bird Song," "On the Road Again," "Ripple," and "To Lay Me Down," so "On the Road Again" is almost certainly from one of those two nights.

A careful review of "Dead Ahead" also revealed that "Bird Song," "Ripple" and "To Lay Me Down" from "Reckoning" are not the same versions that appear on the video.
But Todd Corey subsequently sent me the following:
I know Aaron Donovan drew conclusions about performances (On The Road Again in particular) based on Dead Ahead and the fact that the band wears the same clothing throughout, but I'm quite sure that all songs on the video are from 30 & 31 Oct. I figure that, knowing a video was being recorded, the band wore the same clothes both nights for continuity. Listening to the raw recordings, it's 100% clear that On The Road Again is from the 30th.

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography
For liner notes for this album see the Grateful Dead Album Reference site (now archived)


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