Music To Be Born By

A Mickey Hart album recorded in 1983. The liner notes say:
"This music was composed specifically for the birth of my son Taro (January 13, 1993), and is intended to be used during the birthing process.

"I started in Mary's obstetrician's office, by recording Taro's heartbeat on a Nagra portable field recorder, with a fetal pulse monitor attached to Mary's stomach. Back in the studio, the stereo tape was then transferred to a 16-track recorder and overdubbed. Rhythms were improvised on a Brazilian surdo, a low-pitched resonant double membrane drum. Next, Bobby Vega added bass harmonies. And finally Steve Douglas contributed subtle shadings on a western flute.

"The intent of this music is to facilitate and coordinate rhythmic breathing cycles, assisting the mother's concentration and focus before, during and after delivery."
The recording is a single track
Music To Be Born By 


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