Live At The Boarding House

The full Old And In The Way concert from 8 October 1973, much of which had previously been released on earlier Old And In The Way albums. See below for the concert on 1 October 1973.
Home Is Where The Heart Is (note 2)
Love Please Come Home (note 3)
Down Where The River Bends (note 2)
Kissimmee Kid (note 1)
Pig In A Pen (note 1)
Uncle Pen (not previously released)
Panama Red (note 1)
Midnight Moonlight (note 1)
White Dove (note 1)
Wild Horses (note 1)
Orange Blossom Special (not previously released)
Old And In The Way (note 1)
Lonesome Fiddle Blues (not previously released)
On And On (note 2)
Land Of The Navajo (note 1)
Catfish John (note 3)
Till The End Of The World Rolls Round (note 2)
Drifting Too Far From The Shore (note 2)
Knockin' On Your Door (note 1)
Old And In The Way Breakdown (note 2)
You'll Find Her Name Written There (note 2)
Jerry's Breakdown (note 2)
The Great Pretender (note 3)
Working On A Building (note 2)
That High Lonesome Sound (not previously released)
Wicked Path Of Sin (not previously released)
Blue Mule (note 2)
(1) previously released on Old And In The Way
(2) previously released on Breakdown
(3) previously released on That High Lonesome Sound

Acoustic Oasis subsequently released the complete show for 1 October 1973 as well:
On And On (not previously released)
I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home (note 3)
Catfish John (note 2)
Lonesome Fiddle Blues (note 3)
Land Of The Navajo (not previously released)
Down Where The River Bends (not previously released)
I Ain't Broke (note 3)
Lost (note 3)
Kissimmee Kid (note 2)
Lonesome L.A. Cowboy (note 3)
Pig In A Pen (note 2)
Wild Horses (note 2)
Midnight Moonlight (note 2)
Muleskinner Blues (note 2)
Going To The Races (note 2)
Old And In The Way (not previously released)
Old And In The Way Breakdown (not previously released)
Panama Red (note 2)
Hard Hearted (note 3)
That High Lonesome Sound (note 3)
The Hobo Song (note 2)
Drifting Too Far From The Shore (not previously released)
Angel Band (note 3)
Wicked Path Of Sin (note 3)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (not previously released)
Uncle Pen (note 3)
Orange Blossom Special (note 3)
Blue Mule (not previously released)


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