Grateful Dead Movie

Originally issued on film and then video. A new DVD version includes additional footage, and a companion 5-CD set includes yet more tracks.

Film & Video
The live tracks are from the Winterland run from 16-20 October 1974, the same concerts from which the tracks on Steal Your Face were taken.
Gary Gutierrez animation (note 1)
          Beat It On Down The Line
          The Wheel
U.S.Blues18 Oct (note 2)
One More Saturday Night19 Oct
Bill Graham's Crew Introduction
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad18 Oct
Truckin'19 Oct
Eyes Of The World19 Oct (note 8)
Ripped Off Fan
Sugar Magnolia17 Oct (note 3)
Sunshine Daydream19 Oct (note 3)
It's Like A Continuous Trip
Intermission (Photos/animations) (note 1)
          Saint Stephen
          The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
Playing In The Band16 Oct
Levy Gets In
Stella Blue17 Oct
Casey Jones17 Oct (note 4)
Weirdness From He's Gone17 Oct
Morning Dew18 Oct
Encore Break
Johnny B Goode20 Oct
Closing credits (note 1)
          It Must Have Been The Roses
(1) these are album tracks rather than live versions
(2) it seems as if the very end of "U.S.Blues" may be spliced from 19 October. Thanks to Ryan Nuzum for pointing this out.
(3) it used to be thought that these both came from 17 October, on the grounds that that was the only time in this run that the two segued from one to the other. But the track listing for the 5-CD set indicates that one comes from from 17 October and the other from 19 October, so they must have been spliced together.
(4) this version also on Steal Your Face
(5) the track listing on the cover of the video had "He's Gone," but that was a mistake.

DVD Version
This includes the following additional concert footage (the dates are taken from a posting by David Lemieux):
Uncle John's Band 19 Oct
Sugaree 18 Oct (note 6)
The Other One> 17 Oct
Spanish Jam> 17 Oct
Mind Left Body Jam> 17 Oct
The Other One 17 Oct
Scarlet Begonias 19 Oct
China Cat Sunflower> 17 Oct
I Know You Rider 17 Oct
Dark Star 18 Oct (note 7)
Weather Report Suite: 18 Oct
      -    Prelude
      -    Part 1
      -    Part 2Let It Grow)
(6) also on Steal Your Face (but not on the CD soundtrack below).
(7) first verse only

5-CD Set
The CD contains the following tracks (the final column indicates whether or not they also appear on the DVD and/or movie). The dates are in some cases deduced from the original setlists, and remain to be confirmed. Some of the tracks (eg "Playing In The Band" from 16 October) are released in full on the CD, whereas only shortened versions appear in the movie).
CD 1    
U.S.Blues 18 Oct Movie/DVD
One More Saturday Night 19 Oct Movie/DVD
China Cat Sunflower> 17 Oct DVD
I Know You Rider 17 Oct DVD
Eyes Of The World 19 Oct Movie/DVD (note 8)
China Doll 19 Oct Neither
Playing In The Band 16 Oct Movie/DVD
CD 2
Scarlet Begonias 19 Oct DVD
He's Gone 17 Oct Neither
Jam 17 Oct Neither
Weirdness 17 Oct Movie/DVD
The Other One> 17 Oct DVD
Spanish Jam> 17 Oct DVD
Mind Left Body Jam> 17 Oct DVD
The Other One 17 Oct DVD
Stella Blue 17 Oct Movie/DVD
Casey Jones 17 Oct Movie/DVD
CD 3
Weather Report Suite: 18 Oct DVD
      -    Prelude
      -    Part 1
      -    Part 2 (Let It Grow)
Jam 18 Oct Neither
Dark Star 18 Oct DVD
Morning Dew 18 Oct Movie/DVD
Not Fade Away 18 Oct Neither
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad 18 Oct Movie/DVD
CD 4
Uncle John's Band 19 Oct DVD
Big Railroad Blues 19 Oct Neither
Tomorrow Is Forever 19 Oct Neither
Sugar Magnolia 17 Oct Movie/DVD
He's Gone 19 Oct Neither
Caution Jam 19 Oct Neither
Drums 19 Oct Neither
Space 19 Oct Neither
Truckin' 19 Oct Movie/DVD
Black Peter 19 Oct Neither
Sunshine Daydream 19 Oct Movie/DVD
CD 5
Playing In The Band 20 Oct Neither
Drums 20 Oct Neither
Not Fade Away 20 Oct Neither
Drums 20 Oct Neither
The Other One 20 Oct Neither
Wharf Rat 20 Oct Neither
Playing In The Band 20 Oct Neither
Johnny B. Goode 20 Oct Movie/DVD
Mississippi Half Step 20 Oct Neither
And We Bid You Goodnight 20 Oct Neither
(8) also on the compilation So Many Roads (1965-1995)

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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