The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead's first album, recorded in a rush in San Francisco in 1967.
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) (note 2)
Beat It On Down The Line
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Cold Rain And Snow
Sitting On Top Of The World
Cream Puff War (note 2)
Morning Dew
New, New Minglewood Blues
Viola Lee Blues
Remastered and reissued in 2001 with some bonus tracks, initially as part of the Rhino box set The Golden Road (1965-1973), but now also available separately. New tracklist:
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
Beat It On Down The Line
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (extended version )[+34 secs]
Cold Rain And Snow
Sitting On Top Of The World (extended version)[+40 secs]
Cream Puff War (extended version)[+52 secs]
Morning Dew (extended version)[+14 secs]
New Minglewood Blues (extended version)[+7 secs]
Viola Lee Blues
Bonus Tracks:
Alice D Millionaire studio 2 Feb 1967
Overseas Stomp (Lindy) studio 2 Feb 1967
Tastebud studio 2 Feb 1967
Death Don't Have No Mercy studio 2 Feb 1967
Viola Lee Blues (edited version) (note 1)
Viola Lee Blues live 3 Sep 1967
(1) this sounds to me like a different studio take to the one on the original LP, not just an edited version of that track.
(2) released as the Grateful Dead's second single. But see below

Re-issued in January 2017 as a 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition with the first CD being a remastered version of the original LP (without the bonus tracks in the version in the Rhino box set) and with a second CD with the full set from the Grateful Dead's performance on 29 July 1966 at P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada plus four songs from the following night:
Standing On The Corner 29 Jul 1966
I Know You Rider 29 Jul 1966
Next Time You See Me 29 Jul 1966
Sitting On Top Of The World 29 Jul 1966
You Don't Have To Ask 29 Jul 1966
Big Boss Man 29 Jul 1966
Stealin' 29 Jul 1966
Cardboard Cowboy 29 Jul 1966
It's All Over Now Baby Blue 29 Jul 1966
Cream Puff War 29 Jul 1966
Viola Lee Blues 29 Jul 1966
Beat It On Down The Line 29 Jul 1966
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 29 Jul 1966
Cold Rain And Snow 30 Jul 1966
One Kind Favor 30 Jul 1966
Hey Little One 30 Jul 1966
New Minglewood Blues 30 Jul 1966
This second CD was released in a 2 LP version for Record Store Day 2017.

Note on the single version of The Golden Road/Cream Puff War
The versions released as a single differ from the versions on the album. This from comments by Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh when they appeared on Tom Donahue's show on KMPX-FM in 1967:
Phil Lesh: [the album] was cut at RCA with the exception of the single, which was cut at Coast. And the single, I think, sounds more like us than the album does. Because it sounds dirtier. And more stuff going on.
Tom Donahue: maybe because it was cut in San Francisco - maybe it did something to your minds
Jerry Garcia: well we did a lot more stuff on the single, like we put a lot more, you know, we overlaid a lot of stuff.
Tom Donahue: recording rather than transcription
Jerry Garcia: right. Somehow it comes out sounding more like the way we sound live, just because of the enormous amount of confusion involved.

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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