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A compilation of some tracks recorded during the 1996 Furthur Festival tour, plus some tracks from artists who would appear at the 1997 Furthur Festival.
I Know You Rider Bruce Hornsby (note 1)
All Along The Watchtower Furthur Jam '96 (note 2)
Fast Sailing Mickey Hart (with Planet Drum) (note 3)
Somebody's On Your Case Black Crowes (note 4)
Moth moe. (note 5)
The Ticket Sherri Jackson (note 6)
Highway In The Wind Arlo Guthrie (note 7)
Cassidy Ratdog (note 8) (note 9)
Rainbow's Cadillac Bruce Hornsby (note 2)
Proud Mary Furthur Jam (note 10)
Not Fade Away Furthur Jam (note 10)
(1) from the concert to dedicate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on 2 Sep 1995. It starts with a short instrumental version of "Lady With A Fan"
(2) from the Furthur Festival concert on 11 July 1996 at Liberty State Park, Jersey City
(3) from the album "At The Edge"
(4) the liner notes say "a dynamite outtake from their recent album" - presumbly "Three Snakes & One Charm"
(5) this may be the version from their album "No Doy" (not checked)
(6) this may be the version from her album "Moments In Denial"
(7) this may be the version re-recorded for the 30th Anniversay Edition of "Alice's Restaurant"
(8) bass intro by Rob Wasserman, based on Saint Stephen
(9) the liner notes say this is from a Ratdog concert in April 1997. The most likely is University of Florida on 15 April.
(10) from the Furthur Festival concert on 2 August 1996 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, California


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