Diga Rhythm Band

A Mickey Hart album released in 1976, with Jerry Garcia playing on two tracks. Mickey Hart described the origins in "Drumming At The Edge Of Magic":
Zakir [Hussain] had a rehearsal band made up of some of the best students at Ali Akbar Khan's school. When I joined them, they had been entertaining the notion for some time of creating a tuned percussion orchestra modelled afer the gamelan orchestras of Bali. I took this notion, added to it my growing inventory of Western drums, a good PA system, and a taste of the backbeat, and in the course of the next tew months we evolved into a fourteen-eyed monster of rhythm and noise.

We called ourselves the Diga Rhythm Band, after the sound one of the drums makes - "dee-ga."
Sweet Sixteen 
Magnificent Sevens 
Happiness Is Drumming (note 1) 
Tal Mala 
(1) An early, instrumental, version of "Fire On The Mountain."


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