Dead Set

As with Reckoning, the sleeve notes say this was recorded at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, September 25-October 14 1980 and at Radio City Music Hall, New York, October 22-31 1980. See also the video/DVD Dead Ahead taken from these shows. The dates for individual tracks (where available) are taken from DeadBase, with gaps filled in by email correspondents - thanks to Todd Corey in particular.

Samson And Delilah 10 Oct 1980
Friend Of The Devil 27 Oct 1980 (note 1)
New Minglewood Blues 10 Oct 1980
Deal 4 Oct 1980
Candyman 29 Oct 1980
Little Red Rooster 29 Oct 1980
Loser 11 Oct 1980 (note 4)
Passenger 11 Oct 1980 (note 3)
Feel Like A Stranger 4 Oct 1980
Franklin's Tower 25 Oct 1980
Rhythm Devils 31 Oct 1980
Space 31 Oct 1980 (note 2)
Fire On The Mountain 31 Oct 1980
Greatest Story Ever Told 9 Oct 1980 (note 3)
Brokedown Palace 3 Oct 1980
Remastered and reissued in 2004 with an additional CD taken from the same shows as part of the box set Beyond Description (1973-1990). The tracks on the new CD are:
Let It Grow live version 26 Oct 1980
Sugaree live version 26 Oct 1980
C.C.Rider live version 13 Oct 1980
Row Jimmy live version 10 Oct 1980 (note 3)
Lazy Lightnin' live version 13 Oct 1980
Supplication live version 13 Oct 1980
High Time live version 25 Oct 1980 (note 3)
Jack Straw live version 10 Oct 1980
Shakedown Street live version  7 Oct 1980
Not Fade Away live version  4 Oct 1980

(1) Adrian sent me the following account of how he identified this:
"I was listening to a passable AUD of 27th Oct 1980 when I suddenly realised that I was listening to the Friend Of The Devil which was used on Dead Set.

"The AUD version is just over 10 mins long, as opposed to the 7.27 on the album. Curious, I stuck them both on my hard disk and Went Forensic...
"It was fun to do - and I am an unabashed member of that seemingly tiny minority that has a soft spot for Dead Set - and this version of Friend Of The Devil in particular."
(2) "Space" was on the LP but was omitted from the original CD (though it is now on the re-issued version)
(3) thanks to Todd Corey for identifying these dates
(4) Joek Roex writes "Listening to the 1980 Warfield show of this date, 11 October, it seems to me the Loser from Dead Set is from this show. I know the solo by heart :-) and it is nicely edited from the longer solo of the night, including feedback and overtones."

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography
For liner notes for this album see the Grateful Dead Album Reference site (now archived)


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