Backstage Pass (video)

Assembled by Justin Kreutzman from footage dating back to 1964
Hard To Handle (note 1)
Fearless Groove (note 2)
The Other One (note 3)
Easy To Love You (note 4)
She Belongs To Me (note 5)
Infrared Roses Revisited (note 6)
Outro music (note 7)
(1) The audio for "Hard To Handle" comes from 29 April 1971 (the same as the version on Ladies And Gentlemen ... The Grateful Dead). The video comes from a variety of sources. According to Gary Lambert:
"The footage from that "Hard To Handle" montage is from a whole mess of sources, including ... that 1970 Family Dog broadcast [ie 4 Feb 1970, with Pigpen in a green jersey]. The outdoor, B&W footage is not, as some people have suggested, from a San Francisco street gig, but from the day in 1968 when the band played in support of the student strikers on the campus of Columbia University in NYC [3 May 1968]. Other stuff in "Hard To Handle" comes from Robert Nelson's short film "The Grateful Dead," early home movies shot by David Nelson and others, and 8mm footage of the July, 1969 shows at the NY State Pavilion at Flushing Meadow [11 & 12 Jul 1969], filmed by yours truly."
(2) a percussion duet with Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman, recorded at the Front Street studios
(3) the notes with the video say the audio is from the Dead's tour of Egypt in 1978. The only show where they played "The Other One" was on 14 September 1978. This is only a fragment from the jam (no vocals) and I haven't checked it against a tape to confirm. Tim Dawson suggested to me that it's really from 13 Aug 1975 (One From The Vault) but I haven't confirmed that.
(4) Tim Dawson identifies this as from 6 Jul 1990 at Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY. He says "The fact that the song version is the 1990 reworking of the song and the video is shot in a stadium during a daytime show further narrows this down to only a handful of possibilities. My correlation is based on the background of the video, which looks like Cardinal Stadium and not any other of the venues that they played that summer."
(5) this is an acoustic performance by Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, recorded at the Front Street Studios
(6) the audio is from the CD "Infrared Roses"
(7) Tim Dawson had identified this as part of the transition between Scarlet Begonias and Fire on the Mountain n 27 Dec 1990. But Joe Benza tells me it's actually from the Scarlet/Fire transition on 31 Oct 1990.

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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