At The Edge

A Mickey Hart album released in 1990.

He gives the following introduction:
Researching the music of prehistoric man for Drumming at the Edge of Magic, I learned that whistles, rattles, concussion sticks, musical bows and bells were among the oldest instruments in the world. When I slept, the voices of the old instruments accompanied my dreams, blending with the sounds of nature, resonating and awakening a memory of far-off time before speech, but not before song.

It seemed like someting ancient andcomplelling was reaching out, using the language of rhythm to communicate that we as a species have reached our edge. In order to survive there, we must change. Change rhythms. Change rhythms and dance.

Here are my dreamsongs; some of the music brought back from At the Edge. A collaboration with musicians who have travelled with me throughout my journey, and over the years.
#4 For Gaia 
Sky Water 
Slow Sailing 
Lonesome Hero 
Fast Sailing 
Cougar Run 
The Eliminators 
Pigs In Space 


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