Who Played On Which NRPS Album?

This table shows who played on which album (live and studio). I've only included those who played on more than one album (with an exception for Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart).

See key at end, and see also here for an alternative presentation.

The albums are listed by when they were recorded rather than when they were released.
1969/70Dawn Of The New Riders Of The Purple SageYYYY  Y          
1970Before Time BeganYYYYY            
1970Vintage NRPSYYY  YY;          
1971New Riders Of The Purple SageYYY  YY          
1972PowerglideYY   YYY         
1972Gypsy CowboyYY   YYY         
1972Lyceum '72YY   YYY         
1972Thanksgiving In New York CityYY   YYY         
1972Boston MA, 12/5/72YY   YYY         
1973The Adventures Of Panama RedYY   YYY         
1972Veneta OR, 8/27/72YY   YYY         
1973Stonybrook NY, 3/17/73YY   YYY         
1973Worcester MA, 4/4/73YY   YYY         
1974Home, Home On The RoadYY   YYY         
1975BrujoYY   Y YY        
1975Oh What A Mighty TimeYY   Y YY        
1975Live On StageYY   Y YY        
1975Armadillo World HQ, YY   Y YY        
1976New RidersYY   Y YY        
1977Who Are Those GuysYY   Y Y Y       
1977Winterland SF, CA 12/21/77YY     Y YY      
1978Marin County LineYY     Y YY      
1980Feelin' AllrightYY     Y  YY     
1982Live (1982)Y          YY    
1985Midnight MoonlightY           YY   
1987Keep On Keepin' OnY           YY   
1994Live In JapanY           YY   
2006Live At Turkey Trot Y     Y      YYY
2006Live New Year's Eve Y     Y      YYY
2009Where I Come From Y     Y      YYY
201217 Pine Avenue Y     Y      YYY


JD:John Dawson 
DN:David Nelson 
JG:Jerry Garcia 
MH:Mickey Hart 
PL:Phil Lesh 
SD:Spencer Dryden 
DT:Dave Torbert 
BC:Buddy Cage 
SB:Skip Battin 
SL:Stephen Love 
PS:Patrick Shanahan 
AK:Allen Kemp 
RG:Rusty Gautier 
GV:Gary Vogensen 
MF:Michael Falzarano 
RP:Ronnie Penque 
JM:Johnny Markowski 


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