What Was New - 1988

31 December 1998
An update (thanks to Dave Sorochty) to The Other One, and updates (thanks to Matt Schofield) to The Sweet Sunny South and Shady Grove.

22 December 1998
Some minor updating of songs, thanks to Matt Schofield: Drink Up And Go Home, Walkin' Boss and Love Please Come Home.

I've also been adding some more Garcia and other 'solo' songs: Down The Road, Fair Ellender, The Handsome Cabin Boy, Shady Grove, Off To Sea Once More, The Sweet Sunny South and And It Stoned Me.

13 December 1998
I've been working on 'solo' songs, and have added a first shot at presenting them (available from main contents menu at left).

I've also added some additional songs: Without Love, Down Home, Two Soldiers, Walkin' Boss, Rockin' Chair, Blind John, Young Man [as much as I can decipher], Hangin' On, Lost, The Harder They Come, It's No Use, My Funny Valentine, Someday Baby, Like A Road Leading Home, It's Too Late (She's Gone) and Money Honey.

8 December 1998
Making more progress with Garcia solos: That High Lonesome Sound, The Thrill Is Gone, Tore Up Over You, Don't Let Go, Evangeline, He Ain't Give You None, Lonesome L.A. Cowboy, The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game, What Goes Around, Mississippi Moon, Waiting For A Miracle and Russian Lullaby.

30 November 1998
A few more Garcia solos: Arkansas Traveller, Catfish John and I'll Take A Melody.

28 November 1998
More Garcia solos added, and I'm working on a new interface for them. Love Please Come Home, Hard Hearted, The Great Pretender, Wicked Path Of Sin, I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home, I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent, and Angel Band.

19 November 1998
More Garcia and other solos added ( Leave The Little Girl Alone, Rhapsody In Red, Run For The Roses, Midnight Getaway, The Hobo Song and Red).

I've removed the index to Deadlist digests: it's large and I'm not sure anyone finds it useful. E-mail me if that's not true!

17 November 1998
Some minor changes to Walking The Dog, plus some further updates to Ivory Wheels, Rosewood Track.

I've also been doing some updating to the New Riders Discography

16 November 1998
I've started on adding Garcia solos and some other miscellaneous stuff. For the moment these are only accessible through the "find song title" option: I'll add new interfaces later.

New additions are Cats Under The Stars, Love In The Afternoon, Palm Sunday, Valerie, Gomorrah and L'Alhambra.

9 November 1998
After rather a long break, a plane trip gave me time to finish off and update the Terrapin Suite ( Lady With A Fan, Terrapin Station, At A Siding, Return To Terrapin, Ivory Wheels, Rosewood Track, And I Know You, Jack O' Roses, Leaving Terrapin and Recognition ).

19 October 1998
Some updating and tidying up of list of dates of individual tracks on live albums.

13 October 1998
I've added a list of dates of individual tracks on live albums - something I found I was always looking up from a variety of sources. There are quite a few gaps and queries, so any help gratefully received.

12 October 1998
Some further additions to I've Been All Around This World and Dark Hollow

7 October 1998
Update to I've Been All Around This World

3 October 1998
[Election Day in Aus]
Updates to It Hurts Me Too, The Other One and Cryptical Envelopment.

28 September 1998
Updated Deep Elem Blues, Old, Old House (was "Bound In Memories"), Will The Circle Be Unbroken and Darling Corey.

20 September
Updated Rosa Lee McFall, Ain't It Crazy (The Rub), Hoochie Coochie Man, Banks Of The Ohio and Drink Up And Go Home. Thanks again to Matt Schofield for help.

7 September 1998
Updated One Kind Favor/See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.

6 September 1998
I've discovered that the first song Bo Diddley sang with the Dead is Bo Diddley not Hey Bo Diddley. I've updated the various lists here accordingly.

3 September 1998
Update to Blow Away

2 September 1998
Updates to Wave To The Wind, I Fought The Law, Baba O'Riley, Tomorrow Never Knows, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Salt Lake City.

22 August 1998
Small updates to La Bamba, Mannish Boy (I'm A Man), Got My Mojo Working, Scarlet Begonias and Fire On The Mountain

20 August 1998
Updated I'm A Loving Man, Two Trains Running and Mannish Boy (I'm A Man)

16 August 1998
Thanks once againto Matt Schofield, I've updated That's All Right Mama, Hey Bo Diddley, Mona, Keep On Growing, Blackbird, Let It Rock and Got My Mojo Working

10 August 1998
Updated Long Black Limousine and Who's Loving You Tonight - again!

8 August 1998
It's been Dylan day for updating: Visions Of Johanna, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, When I Paint My Masterpiece and All Along The Watchtower.

2 August 1998
Updates to Are You Lonely For Me Baby, That's All Right Mama, You Don't Love Me and Who's Loving You Tonight.

I've also revamped the Help Needed section.

1 August 1998
Updates to A Voice From On High, Silver Threads And Golden Needles and Sawmill.

29 July 1998
Updates to The Same Thing, I Ain't Superstitious, Down In The Bottom, Matilda and Rockin' Pneumonia.

28 July 1998
Update to Playing In The Band and a further update to Fire On The Mountain, plus a few minor amendments.

22 July 1998
Update to Fire On The Mountain.

19 July 1998
Updates to Greatest Story Ever Told, Turn On Your Lovelight, Youngblood and Whiskey In The Jar.

18 July 1998
Updates to Mountains Of The Moon, Black Peter, Mystery Train, China Cat Sunflower, Bring Me My Shotgun, New Orleans, My Babe and California Earthquake.

5 July 1998
Updates to Heart Of Mine, Me And My Uncle, Darling Corey, Drink Up And Go Home and Rollin' And Tumblin'. Minor corrections to one or two others.

25 June 1998
Lots more updating to songs played at the Dylan/Dead rehearsals. I've also added my first attempt at the 'lyrics'--such as they are--for Cowboy Song.

I've added the lyrics to the new Hart/Hunter song The Banyan Tree, sung by Weir at the first concert by The Other Ones earlier this month. You can find it by using the "Find Song Titles" search.

I've also added a New Riders' discography. I wanted one of these and couldn't find one on the Web, so I put it together myself. As always, corrections and help gratefully received.

16 June 1998
Some more updating to Dylan songs, some updates to guest songs with the Jeferson Airplane (Peggy Sue, That'll Be The Day, Twist And Shout and Blue Moon) and minor updates to How Long Blues and Why Don't We Do It In The Road.

15 June 1998
I've been doing quite a bit of adding and updating to the songs listed under the Dylan and Soundcheck pages.

7 June 1998
Updated Who Do You Love, and small changes to Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues.

4 June 1998
Thanks to more help from Matt, I've updated Stealin', Ballad Of Ira Hayes, Gonna Change My Way of Thinking, The French Girl, If Not For You and The Boy In The Bubble.

31 May 1998 Minor changes to And We Bid You Goodnight and Me And Bobby McGee.

29 May 1998
Thanks again to Matt Schofield, I've updated California Earthquake, Little Star, Tomorrow Is Forever and Werewolves Of London.

25 May 1998
I've updated Comes A Time to add an extra verse reported on David Dodd's site. I've also added separate links to Sunshine Daydream.

24 May 1998
I've amended a flaw in the index files that stopped you finding two-word place names like "San Francisco" (thanks to Bob Johnson for pointin this out). I've also amended the song-finder search so that you can now get a list of all songs beginning with a particular letter, or a complete list of all songs.

I've added a list of songs soundchecked but never played live--and will add lyrics shortly.

22 May 1998
Still on the road. This is uploaded while I'm in Perth, but has been prepared in installmens in motel rooms in Kununurra, Kakadu, Karatha and elsewhere!

Thanks to more checking from Matt Schofield, I've updated Run Rudolph Run, Sick And Tired, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Green, Green Grass Of Home, Oh Boy, Let Me In, One Kind Favor, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Tell It To Me and I Second That Emotion.

13 May 1998
Updating on the road in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia--gold mining town, now dominated by one huge "super pit."

Thanks to Matt Schofield's checking against tapes, I've updated Ol' Slew Foot, Little Sadie, Frozen Logger, Tastebud, She's Mine, Ballad Of Casey Jones, Gloria and Mystery Train.

9 May 1998
Only A Fool checked against the tape and amended slightly.

8 May 1998
I've added small updates to It Hurts Me Too, Reuben and Cerise, You Don't Have To Ask, Cardboard Cowboy and Tastebud.

2 May 1998
I've added a reference to Neal Cassady's rap in the guest section. I've updated How Long Blues, Drink Up And Go Home, Lost Sailor, Saint Of Circumstance and Iko Iko.

I've also added a new Dylan page, partly inspired by the confusion on the Grateful Dead Hour mailing list about what songs the Dead played with and without Dylan etc.

1 May 1998
Thanks once again to Matt Schofield, I've updated the lyrics to Alice D Millionaire and Clementine, and also added additional information on who sang what songs.

17 April 1998
Some tidying up to the frames interface, and correcting some errors and bust links I found in the process.

16 April 1998
I've redesigned the site to use frames. Please tell me if you think this is worse rather than better!

11 April 1998
I've added additional background information for Samson And Delilah and And We Bid You Goodnight.

30 March 1998
I've amended the information about Samson And Delilah, Ode For Billy Dean and John's Other.

25 March 1998
With thanks to Drew Berry, I've added lyrics to Only A Fool. I've also added (speculatively) the lyrics for Checkin' Up on the assumption that it's the Sonny Boy Williamson song; if anyone can confirm from a tape that would be great.

24 March 1998
With further help from Matt Schofield, I've amended and updated the exact song title to match those in the Deadlists project (with a few minor exceptions).

16 March 1998
Some miscellaneous minor updates, plus I've rerun the indices for word searches.

14 March 1998
I have added Tough Changes ("Shit Happens") and amended the entry for It Doesn't Matter.

11 March 1998
The lyrics to Lucifer's Eyes have been added. The titles for You Won't Find Me and Heroes Gone have been changed to Marriott USA and Sgt Pepper's Band to reflect information from the Joan Baez web site.

The title for Cocaine Blues has been changed to Tell It To Me

I have added She Belongs To Me to the song indices where it was missing.

7 March 1998
Thanks to Matt Schofield, I have added lyrics for the Joan Baez songs You Won't Find Me and Heroes Gone. I've also added additional (earlier) versions of In The Pines.

28 February 1998
Entries for Railroading On The Great Divide and All Of My Love have been updated to reflect additional material from the deadlists mailing list.

27 February 1998
The "Find Song Titles" script has been modified. If there's only one song that matches what you've typed, it takes you to the song lyrics directly (after a short pause), rather than requiring you to click on the link.

25 February 1998
Thanks to Matt Schofield's and Jim Powell's help I have added the lyrics to Seasons and Bound In Memories. I have also amended the entries for Cowboy Song and The One You Love, and have adden an entry for Lucky Man. I have made consequential changes to the "Help Needed" section.

24 February 1998
With David Dodd's agreement, I have now added links from the various song lyric pages on my site to the equivalent pages on his Annotated Lyric Site.


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