What Was New in 2002

27 November 2002
I've added a page for the Tighten Up Jam, and updated Deep Elem Blues.

20 November 2002
I've added songbook references to each song, updated to include the new Jerry Garcia Songbook.

18 November 2002
I've added another Robert Hunter song: Prodigal Town, and done some updating to Mystery Train, Lady Of Carlisle and Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie.

29 October 2002
I've added a couple more pre-Dead songs, plus information on some of the common jams played by the Dead: Boodle Am Shake, Crazy Words, Crazy Tune, Mind Left Body Jam, Mountain Jam and Spanish Jam.

11 October 2002
I've added some more from Hunter's solo repertoire: Last Flash Of Rock And Roll, Dance A Hole, End Of The Road and Wild Bill.

30 September 2002
I've added the track lists and cross references for Go To Nassau and Dick's Picks Vol 26.

20 August 2002
I've added Six Feet Of Snow

15 August 2002
I've added the rest of the new Hunter/Trichromes songs: For You, Kickin' Ass On The Avenue and Stop, Drop And Roll.

13 August 2002
I've added some of the new Trichromes songs that Robert Hunter wrote the lyrics for: Iowa Soldier, None So Blind, Simply Nowhere and Track 6.

I've also updated Jack Straw, Sittin' On Top Of The World and Hey Bo Diddley.

22 July 2002
I've added the tracklisting and cross-references for View From The Vault III.

8 July 2002
I've added the tracklisting and cross-references for Dick's Picks Vol 25, and updated the date/venue information for Steppin' Out With The Grateful Dead.

28 June 2002
I've added two more Hunter/Lauderdale songs: Jacob's Ladder and Rollin' The Dice.

25 June 2002
I've added some more of the older Hunter songs: Crooked Judge, Kick It On Down and No Place Here.

10 June 2002
I've added two new Hunter/Lauderdale songs: Deep Well Of Sadness and Oh Soul!.

I've also added some older Hunter songs: Ariel, Arizona Lightning, I Heard You Singing, Mad and Standing At Your Door

I've updated Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.

22 May 2002
I've continued adding some old Hunter solo songs: Lady Simplicity, That Train, Children's Lament and Maybe She's A Bluebird.

20 May 2002
I've added some more Hunter solo songs: Cupful Of Rain, Keys To The Rain, Talkin' Money Tree, Aim At The Heart, Dry Dusty Road and Over The Hills.

14 May 2002
I've added the track list from the forthcoming album Steppin' Out with the Grateful Dead: England '72, and updated all the related information. I'll add details of which tracks came from which show as the information becomes available.

24 April 2002
I've added one more of Hunter's solo repertoire: Dead Man Dancing and updated Scrap Of Moonlight, Hill And Gully Run, The Song Remains and The Wind Blows High.

23 April 2002
I've added a new Hunter song from his solo tour: Into The Blue. I've also been updating and tidying up some old songs such as Don't Ease Me In and Beat It On Down The Line.

17 April 2002
I've added the lyrics to the new songs on the Phil Lesh and Friends CD "There And Back Again": Again And Again, Leave Me Out Of This, The Real Thing and Welcome To The Underground.

I've also done some other updating, for example on the Dylan songs included on "Postcards Of The Hanging."

22 March 2002
I've updated Keep Your Day Job.

19 March 2002
I've updated Let It Grow - thanks to Neal Miskin for pointing out changes in the lyrics from the "Wake Of The Flood" outtakes.

18 March 2002
I've been tinkering around with the organisation of the site. I've also added White Lightning, recently played by Ratdog as an encore.

6 March 2002
I've updated Death Letter Blues and Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues.

5 March 2002
I've updated Smokestack Lightning - thanks to Mark Diamond for pointing out omissions.

25 February 2002
I've done some updates to Louis Collins, Picasso Moon and The Other One, plus minor updates/corrections to other parts of the site.

8 February 2002
I've added Dick's Picks Vol 24 to the discography.

28 January 2002
I've added two more Hunter lyrics: John Hardy's Wedding and Let The Mountain Be My Home, and updated Fire In The City (thanks to Matt Schofield).

I've also added Postcards Of The Hanging to the discography (not released until March, but track listings already announced).

23 January 2002
I've added some songs from the PERRO sessions to the Garcia section of the site: The Mountain Song, Walkin' In The Mountains, You Sit There (also known as "Under Anesthesia"), Is It Really Monday? and Wayfaring Stranger (also known as "Over Jordan").

18 January 2002
I've added two new Trichromes songs: Dice With The Universe (with lyrics by Robert Hunter) and Tear Upon God's Face.

I've also added some more Hunter/Zero songs: Ermaline, Did I Mention (also called "I Want Your Love"), Eight Below Zero, Roll Me Over On The Tide, Possession and Spoken For.

Finally, I've added two Vince Welnick songs: Golden Stairs (with lyrics by Robert Hunter) and The Devil I Know (with lyrics by John Perry Barlow).

12 January 2002
I've added some more Hunter lyrics: Come To Life, Harp Tree Lament, It's Only Music, Jesse James and Tumblin'.

9 January 2002
I've added a few more Robert Hunter songs: Rum Runners, The Pits Of Thunder, Boys In The Barroom, Silvio, Ugliest Girl In The World and Rose Of Sharon.

I've also added Mathilda Mother, recently covered by Ratdog.

For earlier additions to my site see the 2001, 2000, 1999 or 1998 archives.


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