What Was New in 2001

14 December 2001
I've added some miscellaneous Robert Hunter songs: The Devil And The Trees, Hill And Gully Run, The Wind Blows High, Run Elijah Run, Chingo!, Darien, Where Did You Go?, Friday Hand and The Song Remains.

13 December 2001
I've updated Brown-Eyed Women.

I've also been working on improving the search engine on the home page, and will gradually index more lyrics from solo band performances.

7 December 2001
I've added a new John Perry Barlow lyric written for String Cheese Incident: These Waves.

I've also revamped the Pigpen solo tracks page.

2 December 2001
I've been improving the search engines and the lyric quiz, and I've just added a couple of new songs introduced by Phil Lesh and Friends: Tears Of A Clown and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

19 November 2001
I've added the new Lesh/Hunter song introduced over the weekend: No More Do I.

I've also added a list of Dead songs with unusual time signatures, and a list of hidden tracks on Grateful Dead and related albums.

31 October 2001
I've added To Forget You to the Jerry Garcia section.

29 October 2001
I've now got the Rhino box set, so I've updated the information on dates etc. I've also added lyrics (so far as I can decipher them) to Keep Rolling By.

24 October 2001
I've added a Hunter lyric set to music by Danny Carnahan: Laughing In The Dark.

17 October 2001
I've added another Bobby & The Midnites song: Laughing At Me.

14 October 2001
I've added some Hunter lyrics written for Jim Lauderdale: I Will Wait For You, Joy, Joy, Joy and Trust (Guiding Star)

12 October 2001
I've added a couple of Hunter's solo songs: Scrap Of Moonlight and Star Baby Gap.

3 October 2001
I've now updated the table of number of times each song has been recorded to include the tracks on "Dick's Picks 23", "Nightfall Of Diamonds" and "The Golden Road (1965-1973)"

2 October 2001
I've added the tracks for Dick's Picks 23 and also the lyrics for Beautifully Broken - thanks to Bret at Phizone.com

26 September 2001
I've added some songs Bob Weir played with Kingfish: A11, My Blue Tears and Swinging Doors. (thanks to Michael Parrish for help with identifying these)

17 September 2001
I've added to the discographies the forthcoming releases The Golden Road (1965-1973) (Rhino Box Set) and Nightfall Of Diamonds. I've also added the information from three other releases: Ratdog's "Live At The Roseland Ballroom", the soundtrack to the movie "Grateful Dawg" and the "Blues Tribute To The Grateful Dead"

7 August 2001
I've added to the lists of covers of Dead songs the tracks from two new CDs: "Great Sky River" by Jazz Is Dead, and "Gratefully Yours" by Jim Hudak.

4 August 2001
I've updated City Girls - I had the wrong song: thanks to Dave Clark for spotting this

2 August 2001
I've added Good Times Bad Times - Warren Haynes sang the first verse with Phil & Friends on 26 July

30 July 2001
I've added Uncloudy Day, which Willie Nelson sang with Phil Lesh & Friends on 28 July 2001

20 July
I've been keeping the Ratdog and Phil & Friends indices up-to-date as they introduce new songs, and have also updated a few GD/JGB songs: Ragged But Right, Lost Sailor, Saint Of Circumstance, Gloria, She Belongs To Me, Iko Iko and Mexicali Blues

8 July 2001
I'm adding some more instrumentals to the database, starting with King Solomon's Marbles and Sage And Spirit

6 July 2001
I've added a new cover by Phil Lesh: Rockin' In The Free World, and a very old cover by Bob Weir: I'm A Lonesome Fugitive.

2 July 2001
I've updated the song discographies to take account of the new tribute album "Pickin' On Jerry Garcia".

22 June 2001
I've updated Night Of A Thousand Stars

20 June 2001
I've updated Walker After Midnight and I'm A Loving Man

19 June 2001
I've updated Two Trains Running, plus some minor updating to other songs, indices etc.

4 June 2001
I've updated the discography to add Dick's Picks Vol 22, and also updated It's No Use.

2 May 2001
I've added more detail about all the instrumentals Jerry played with his solo bands such as Old And In The Way and the Jerry Garcia Band. At the same time, I've added some of the previously missing songs from his solo efforts - that section is just about complete, with only a few obscure ones missing now.

26 April 2001
I've added a new song covered by Phil Lesh & Friends: Whiskey River.

22 April 2001
I've added the (unconfirmed) track listings for View From The Vault II.

21 April 2001
Thanks again to Matt Schofield, I've added some more Garcia solo band songs: Carry Me Back, Get Down Mama, Sweet Cocaine, Sweet Little Angel, and You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

19 April 2001
Thanks to Matt Schofield, I've added some more songs from Garcia solo bands: Slowly But Surely, United Our Thing Will Stand, Your Brother's Killer, Tellin' My Friends and I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always, and updated Tom Dooley and Turtle Dove

18 April 2001
I've fiddled around with the searches for Bob Weir's solo efforts - may or may not be an improvement!

15 April 2001
I've added the four new Phil Lesh songs (three with lyrics by Robert Hunter): Celebration, Midnight Train, Night Of A Thousand Stars and Rock-n-Roll Blues.

9 April 2001
With help from Eric Levy's work, I've added a table showing numbers and percentages of live recordings of each song, plus other related statistics.

I've also updated Man Of Constant Sorrow and Saint Stephen.

3 April 2001
I've updated Bo Diddley and added an advanced search to the post-Dead page to let you search for such things as "Which Garcia songs have been played by Phil Lesh & Friends but not yet by Ratdog?"

30 March 2001
I've added indices so that you can search for lyrics in all Hunter songs or all Barlow songs (ie including those they wrote for JGB, Ratdog etc). The Barlow list is pretty complete, but there are lots of Hunter songs from his solo repertoire etc to add.

27 March 2001
I've added Autumn Leaves, Tanqueray, Witchcraft, Goin' Fishin', Like A Dog and Shut Up And Listen.

I've also updated Eternity.

25 March 2001
I've added I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle, Born In Chicago, Cowboy Movie, The Wall Song, Laughing, Drop Down Mama, Motherless Children, Ngiculele, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Just Kissed My Baby, Pennies From Heaven, Right Place Wrong Time, Sweet Georgia Brown, Triad and The World Is A Ghetto.

I've also updated Winin' Boy.

15 March 2001
I've added the track listing for Dick's Picks Vol 21, just announced.

14 March 2001
I've added a page listing Grateful Dead songbooks.

I've also added entries for Slipknot, Weather Report Suite Prelude and Shoulda Had Been Me.

12 March 2001
I've done a further update to Dark Hollow to add the original Bill Browning lyrics.

10 March 2001
I've updated: Angel Band, Corrina, Jack A Roe, On The Road Again, Peggy-O and Rosalie McFall.

27 February 2001
I've done some updating to Dark Hollow, Mighty High, I Was Made To Love Her, Tears Of Rage and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, and added a reference to Otis On A Shakedown Cruise.

17 February 2001
Recovering from a surprise 50th birthday party, and from my wife Katie's present of a Grateful Dead cycling shirt she'd had made.

8 February 2001
Thanks to Jim Powell, I've added some Brent Mydland solo songs: Inlay It In Your Heart, Dreams, Nobody's, See The Other Side, Long Way To Go and Take One.

I've also updated Maybe You Know.

31 January 2001
I've updated the links for Neal Cassady's Rap - thanks to David Minton.

I've also added some more entries for covers by other bands of Grateful Dead songs (thanks to Matt Schofield)

26 January 2001
I've updated No Left Turn Unstoned - which now turns out to be the correct title for "Cardboard Cowboy".

I've also updated Walker After Midnight - having discovered that both Vince Welnick and Phil Lesh have set Hunter's words to music.

23 January 2001
I've added Cruel White Water, One Thing To Try, Promontory Rider, Tiger Rose and Yellow Moon

15 January 2001
I've tinkered with the search for Dead covers, adding the option of a drop-down box for who wrote the original - I hope not making it over-complicated in the process.

13 January 2001
I've added some pretty obscure Garcia & Saunders songs: Find A Rainbow and Go Climb A Mountain, as well as updating Are You Lonely For Me and Like A Road

I've also added the Pop-O-Pies' lyrics for Truckin'

11 January 2001
I've added Lay Of The Sunflower (Forest of Fennario), introduced by Phil Lesh and Friends on New Year's Eve.

I've also been filling in some gaps in JGB songs, adding Birmingham, Honey Chile, and Mighty High, as well as updating Who's Loving You Tonight.

9 January 2001
I've added Dick's Picks Vol 20 to the discography.

2 January 2001
I've updated the site to include the new songs played by Phil Lesh & Friends at their New Year Show: Comes A Time, Brown Eyed Women and I Am The Walrus.

For earlier additions to my site see the 2000, 1999 or 1998 archives.


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