What Was New - 2000

24 December 2000
I've added a table showing the numbers of Grateful Dead release by year recorded.

I've also added indices of all Robert Hunter and John Perry Barlow songs included on this site. (Rather confusingly, these are accessed via the "Others" menu under "Solo Bands etc" until I restructure the organisation of my site).

I've also updated Fields Of Athenry

22 December 2000
A thread on rec.music.gdead about the lyrics to On The Road prompted me to add a note about "Natural-born easeman" or "Eastman"

20 December 2000
Finishing off updating recording information. For completeness I've added Best Of The Grateful Dead Hour. I've also updated The Eleven.

18 December 2000
I've been updated the information on recordings for individual songs - just about there now, at least for Grateful Dead songs.

7 December 2000
I've added Back Door Man and updated Me And My Uncle, as well as continuing work on updating discographies for individual songs.

30 November
I've updated Let Me In - having finally found who wrote it.

25 November
I've added a list of Grateful Dead songs not yet played by Ratdog or Phil & Friends.

24 November
I've added a quiz to test whether you can identify Grateful Dead songs from lyric fragments.

16 November 2000
I've been tidying up some of the scripts, and have added a table showing who played on what album.

8 November 2000
I've updated October Queen, Even So and Tastes Like Wine.

5 November 2000
I've added Dick's Picks Vol 19 to the discography, and done some related updating.

I'm also continuing to update the new Ratdog songs, and have done Welcome To The World and Two Djinn.

3 November 2000
I've added two new songs played by Phil Lesh and Friends: Acadian Driftwood and Tastes Like Wine, and done some more updating and tidying up.

20 October 2000
I've updated the Phil Lesh and Friends database to include the songs they've done for the first time recently: Get Back, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Strawberry Fields Forever and Ramble On Rose.

I've also started updating the new Ratdog songs to reflect the lyrics on the "Evening Moods" CD. I've so far done: Bury Me Standing, Lucky Enough, Odessa and Ashes And Glass.

11 October 2000
I've updated Arise to include the full lyrics. Thanks to Jeff Mattson and Bret@Philzone.com

3 October 2000
I've updated the Phil & Friends section to take account of new songs played on 30 September and 1 October, and added Into The Mystic and Walkin' After Midnight.

I've also added the track list for Ladies And Gentlemen ... The Grateful Dead, the new box set from the April 1971 concerts at the Fillmore East. The dates for all the tracks are not yet available: I will add them as soon as they are.

26 September 2000
I've updated the Phil & Friends section to include the songs played for the first time at "One for Woody": Black Peter, Doin' That Rag and Sunshine Of Your Love.

25 September 2000
I've added Luna, Howlin' For My Baby, and updated Cold Rain And Snow.

21 September 2000
I've updated And We Bid You Goodnight, Bye And Bye, Leaving Terrapin, And I Know You and Return To Terrapin.

19 September 2000
A thread on rec.music.gdead about songs where Weir wrote the lyrics made me realise I had unnecessarily restricted the search for lyricists in "Dead originals". So it now finds songs written by Weir, Mydland etc, as well as the main lyricists.

11 September 2000
I've added Furthur Most to the discography.

9 September 2000
I've added (thanks to Bret at Philzone) the lyrics to The Mirror Of Thalassa.

3 September 2000
I've started adding instrumentals to the Jerry Garcia section.

2 September 2000
More updating, including to Leave Your Love At Home (new tapes reveal this was never played) and Crazy Arms.

I've added some Bruce Hornsby songs played by The Other Ones, in anticipation of adding a section to cover Furthur tours: White Wheeled Limousine, Preacher In The Ring, The Way It Is, Rainbow's Cadillac and Long Tall Cool One.

29 August 2000
Some minor house-keeping, such as adding the correct authors for the new Bob Weir songs on the forthcoming Ratdog CD "Evening Moods"

3 August 2000
I've added some more songs covered by Phil & Friends: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Good Thing, He Don't Play Nothin' But The Blues, Sample In A Jar and It's In The Air (Konfusion).

9 July 2000
I've added a first shot at who sings what songs with Phil & Friends, plus some more songs: Endless Highway, Jump, Arise, Oh Atlanta and Rag Mama Rag.

7 July 2000
I've finished off adding Mickey Hart songs from "Mystery Box": Full Steam Ahead, The Sandman, Where Love Goes (Sito), The Next Step, Look Away, Sangre De Cristo, John Cage Is Dead and The Last Song.

4 July 2000
I've added American Popsicle and Zillionaire.

2 July 2000
I've added Stuck On You, Always Late (With Your Kisses), Annie Had A Baby and Fletcher Carnaby.

25 June 2000
I've added the View From The Vault (the new DVD/CD/video) to the discography.

24 June 2000
I've added Dick's Picks Vol 18 to the discography.

18 June 2000 (second upload)
I've added a couple of songs to the Phil & Friends section that I'd missed earlier: In Your Eyes and Come Together.

18 June 2000
I've added a new section on Phil Lesh & Friends, and as part of that have added the following songs: Long Gone Sam, Fable Of A Chosen One, Snakebit, Edge Of The Wire, The Wizard's Son, Kick In The Head, Patchwork Quilt, Blue Sky, The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys, Golden Days, True Blue, Chalk Dust Torture, Down With Disease, Wolfman's Brother, Prince Caspian, Good Shepherd, To Love Somebody, Wish You Were Here, Fat Man In The Bathtub, Dixie Chicken, I Am The Light Of This World, Willin', Don't Bogart That Joint, Get Together, Like A Rolling Stone, Astral Weeks, Resurrection Rag, Restless Wind, Soulshine, She Said, She Said, Round The Wheel and Hello Old Friend.

I've also added a couple of Keith & Donna songs: Woman Make You, When You Start To Move, plus two songs Kingfish covered: Carol, School Day

7 June 2000
I've added the following songs: Dangerous Relations, Over And Over, Shining Dawn, If That's The Way, Ridin' High and Padlock Cufflinks.

6 June 2000
I've added a section on Dead videos and updated the following songs: Turn On Your Lovelight, Let The Good Times Roll and Gimme Some Lovin'.

3 June 2000
I've added a new section to find Grateful Dead songs sung by the various bands formed since Jerry Garcia died.

30 May 2000
I've done a bit of housekeeping on the site and added one more new Mickey Hart song: Voodoo Zombies

21 May
I've added five new Mickey Hart songs from his Mickey Hart Band tour: Bagua Osi, La Montana, Endless Sky, Time Never Ends and Who Stole The Show?.

1 May 2000
I've added two Brent Mydland songs: Climbing and Musician (Not An Easy Life)

29 April 2000
I've added Dick's Picks Vol 17 to the discography, and done some updating.

26 April 2000
I've added Shop Around and done more work on the Bob Weir song database.

24 April 2000
I've added Fields Of Athenrye and Feel So Bad.

2 April 2000
I've added some more Bob Weir songs: Josephine, Carry Me, Far Away, Rattlesnake, Lifeline, Thunder And Lightning, Rock In The 80's, Bahama Mama, City Girls, Misty, Posion Ivy, The Winners and Mercy Mercy Mercy.

25 March 2000
I've done some overdue maintenance, and added Every Little Light, Eyes Of The Night and Artificial Flowers.

27 February 2000
I've ben adding a few more songs from Bob Weir bands: Lifeguard, She's Gonna Win Your Heart and Where The Beat Meets The Street

26 February 2000
I've added more of the songs Bob Weir did with other bands: All I Need Is Time, Battle Of New Orleans, I Hear You Knockin', Sea Cruise, Book Of Rules, Shake And Fingerpop, Overnight Bag, Jump Back, Hidden Charms.

I've also added options to search Bob Weir songs, rather than just having them presented as a list.

21 February 2000
I've added Falling, Fly Away and Me, Without You, and I've updated Ain't That Peculiar.

20 February 2000
I've added This Land Is Your Land and updated Ashes And Glass and Lucky Enough.

I've also been doing some reorganising of the home page for this site.

12 February 2000
I've added Lady Of Carlisle and updated Biloxi, Classified, Fire On The Mountain, Lady With A Fan, Stagger Lee, Terrapin, Whiskey In The Jar. Thanks to Matt Schofield for his help.

I've also added track listings for Dick's Picks 16 - and ordered my copy from GDM!

5 February 2000
I've been working on updating and re-organising the album lists (found via the "Odds & Ends" menu). Still lots more to do.

19 January 2000
I've updated On The Road Again.

18 January 2000
I've added two missing lines to Down The Road (thanks to Steve Walker for spotting that).

17 January 2000
I've added some more Bob Weir/Kingfish songs: Asia Minor, Big Iron, Bye And Bye, Goodbye Yer Honor, Home To Dixie, Hypnotize, Jump For Joy, This Time and Wild Northland.

4 January 2000
I've added some more Bob Weir songs: Bombs Away, Easy To Slip, Festival, Haze, I'll Be Doggone, Shade Of Grey, Too Many Losers and Wrong Way Feelin', plus two Brent Mydland songs: Love Doesn't Have To Be Pretty and You're Still There.

For earlier additions to my site see the 1999 or 1998 archives.


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