What Was New - 1999

31 December 1999
I've updated Clementine and made a few small updates to October Queen and Two Djinn. Plus I've been updating the lists of recordings for some songs - with lots more to do

19 December 1999
Thanks to various people for pointing out things that I've now updated: Ripple (a few typos), Friend Of The Devil (missing Hunter verse - thanks to Rick Findlay), Black Queen (wrong date - thanks to Seth Manheim), Banana Boat Song (wrong date - thanks to Larry), Ashes And Glass and Two Djinn (corrections/updates to lyrics).

15 December 1999
I've done minor updates to a range of songs: Can't Come Down, Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks), Refugee Blues, Scarlet Begonias, Two Souls In Communion and You Don't Have To Ask.

9 December 1999
I've added couple more Ratdog songs: October Queen and Twilight Time. Thanks to Thanks to Neal Smith for his help in posting Ratdog lyrics on DeadNet.

5 December 1999
For a change I've added some Bob Weir songs - most of the new ones that he is playing with Ratdog: Ashes And Glass, Bury Me Standing, Even So, Lucky Enough, Odessa, She Says, Two Djinn and Welcome To The World. With all of these songs, help is needed on who wrote the music/lyrics.

I've also added one new JGB song: Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

Small updates to Dire Wolf, If The Shoe Fits, Dark Star and Jack Straw.

21 November 1999
I've added two Nicky Hopkins songs that he played with the JGB: No Time and Refugee Blues (often wrongly listed as "No More Changes".

I've also updated Friend Of The Devil, Wharf Rat and Mama Tried.

I've added Love Will See You Through and So Many Roads to the live albums listings. I've also added a reference to Dick's Picks Vol 15. Eventually I will do full listings of all live albums (ie whether or not they cover more than one date) and add all the links between songs and albums.

25 October 1999
I've added some songs (mainly Keith & Donna ones): Farewell Jack, Sweet Baby, My Love For You, Every Song I Sing and Let's Go Get Stoned.

I've also added a list of Dead songs not released on CD (accessible from the "Odds And Ends" Menu), plus a list of Jerry's non-Dead songs that are not yet included on my site.

17 October 1999
I've updated Casey Jones and Ballad Of Casey Jones. I've added two songs Jerry did with James Booker: Something You Got and Classified.

15 October 1999
I've updated Morning Dew and Tastebud

22 September 1999
Travelling to the UK for my new job and the slew of e-mails that followed haven't left me much time for updating this. But I've now added Barbed Wire Wire Whipping Party (!), and made minor amendments to You Don't Have To Ask, Rosemary and One Way Out.

2 September 1999
I've updated Lady Di And I.

1 September 1999
I've updated Althea, Passenger, Touch Of Grey and West L.A. Fadeaway.

29 August 1999
I'm now back from (amazing) trip around Australia, so will be adding more stuff as and when I've got time.

9 July 1999
I will be away on holiday until the beginning of September, driving around the north of Australia. So no more updates until I'm back.

21 June 1999
I've added Baby Won't You Please Come Home and See What Love Can Do.

Updates (thanks to Brad Dilli and Melanie Ryan) to Clementine, Little Glass Of Wine, Going Down The Road Feeling Bad, Reuben And Cerise and Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie.

I've also added information on Dick's Picks Vol 14.

14 June 1999
I've added I'll Be A Gambler and Midnight At The Oasis.

I've updated Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms and tidied up a few other odds and ends.

3 June 1999
I've added Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Love) and She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye.

I've also updated I Heard It Through The Grapevine (thanks to Lance Snyder for pointing out a correction).

1 June 1999
I've added Another Star and Every Word You Say.

31 May 1999
I've added Crazy Arms, Further On Up The Road, Guilty and Please Send Me Someone To Love.

29 May 1999
I've updated Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox and Dupree's Diamond Blues (thanks to Scott Ortell for pointing out earlier mistakes).

28 May 1999
I've added I Can't Turn You Loose and Let Me Roll It, and updated Baby Please Don't Go.

25 May 1999
I've updated Georgia On My Mind.

24 May 1999
I've added Come See About Me and changed the title of "Get Up And Dance" to Lovely Night For Dancing.

18 May 1999
I've added Dark As A Dungeon and Little Glass Of Wine.

17 May 1999
I've corrected an error in the search for words/phrases that didn't handle capital letters correctly (thanks to Jeff Gersten for drawing the problem to my attention).

I've added Never Been To Heaven and updated Crazy Love (thanks to Matt Schofield)

5 May 1999
I've updated Dancing In The Street, Drifting With The Tide, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, I'll Be With Thee, Lonesome And A Long Way From Home and The Tramp On The Street.

29 April 1999
I've added The Roving Gambler, Throw Out The Lifeline and Twilight.

25 April 1999
I've added an attempt at Fire In The City.

22 April 1999
Updates to I've Been All Around This World, The Jealous Kind, The Willow Garden, If I Lose, Two Little Boys, The Fields Have Turned Brown, Wonderful World, What A Wonderful World, It Takes A Lot To Laugh ..., I Ain't Never and Mean Woman Blues.

And I've added Ashes Of Love and Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You

20 April 1999
I've added some more JGB etc songs: I'll Be With Thee, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Turtle Dove, It's A Long Long Way To The Top Of The World, Drifting With The Tide, New York City, The Tramp On The Street and Katy Dear.

Plus updates to Little Bessie and Kansas City

12 April 1999
For a change, I've updated some Grateful Dead songs: Dark Star and Mister Charlie.

10 April 1999
I've added: The Fields Have Turned Brown, What You Won't Do For Love (the correct title for the song usually listed as "L-O-V-E"), Amazing Grace, House Of The Rising Sun, Two Little Boys, How Mountain Girls Can Love, Little Bessie, Showboat, Who Was John, Cigarettes And Coffee, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, That's The Touch, I'm My Own Grandpa and Long Train Running.

9 April 1999
I've added: If I Lose, Tragic Romance, Short Life Of Trouble, Eating Out Of Your Hand, Johnny Too Bad, Last Train From Poor Valley, Lonely Avenue, Moonlight Mile, Ragged But Right, Benedict Rides, Man-Child and Man Of Constant Sorrow.

8 April 1999
I've added: I Ain't Never, Only The Strange Remain, You Never Can Tell, Talking 'Bout You, Baby Please Don't Go, Strange Man, Georgia On My Mind, Lonesome And A Long Way From Home and Long Black Veil

7 April 1999
I've added: Imagine, Expressway (To Your Heart), L-O-V-E, Wonderful World, What A Wonderful World, Mean Woman Blues, I Was Made To Love Her, Eleanor Rigby, Uncle Pen and A Good Woman's Love.

I've also updated Don't Mess Up A Good Thing

6 April 1999
I've added the following two songs: The Willow Garden and Cotton-Eyed Joe.

5 April 1999
I've added the following songs: Finders Keepers, You Can Leave Your Hat On, The System and Wondering Why.

2 April 1999
I've added the following songs: Big Fat Woman, Yes She Do, No She Don't, Bright Side Of The Road, The Girl At The Crossroads Bar, Crazy Love, Gone Home, I'm Troubled, I Feel Like Dynamite, That's What Love Will Make You Do Tears Of Rage, Think, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Get Out Of My Life, My Sisters And Brothers, My Problems Got Problems, Save Mother Earth, Midnight Town and Let's Spend The Night Together.

I've also updated the dates of live albums

1 April 1999
I've updated the types of searches that you can do on Garcia solo songs. Not sure how useful it will be - especially the very detailed search of which bands played which songs - but I'd got the information and thought I might as well make it available.

31 March 1999
More progress with 'solo' songs as before: Take Me, Red Rocking Chair and McKernan's Blues

30 March 1999
More Garcia songs added, thanks again to Matt Schofield: I Just Want To Stop, Get Up And Dance, Do I Move You? and Trouble In Mind.

29 March 1999
I've been starting to work through a backlog of Jerry Garcia 'solo' songs to add. With special thanks to Matt Schofield I've done: Come See About Me, Diamond Joe, Make It Better, I'm The Jealous Guy and The Maker

20 March 1999
While I was at it, I updated another song I'd been meaning to do: Keep Your Day Job

19 March 1999
Just to show I haven't got away, I've updated and amended the notes to My Brother Esau

I'm slowly working through more Garcia Band songs and will add these in the next few weeks when my day job permits.

23 February 1999
A number of new Jerry songs added (thanks to Bill Giles and others): I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail, Stop That Train, Dear Prudence, Shining Star, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Strugglin' Man, That Lucky Old Sun, Turn On The Bright Lights, All By Myself, Boogie On, Reggae Woman.

Also some minor updates to other songs: Scarlet Begonias (thanks to Peter C), A Voice From On High, Sitting In Limbo, Lady With A Fan.

27 January 1999
Small updates to The Miller's Will, Scarlet Begonias and After Midnight.

25 January 1999
Keeping ploughing my way through Garcia 'solo' songs: Drifting Too Far From The Shore, Ain't That Loving You, Waiting For A Train, Sitting In Limbo, Blue Yodel #9 and Spike Driver Blues.

24 January 1999
Some more Old And In The Way songs added: 'Til The End Of The World Comes 'Round, You'll Find Her Name Written There, Going To The Races, Working On A Building, Muleskinner Blues and Blue Mule.

23 January 1999
More Old And In The Way and Garcia/Grisman songs added: Down Where The River Bends, Freight Train, Home Is Where The Heart Is, Hopalong Peter, A Horse Named Bill, Hot Corn, Cold Corn, Jenny Jenkins, The Miller's Will, On And On, A Shenandoah Lullaby, Teddy Bears' Picnic, There Ain't No Bugs On Me, Three Men Went A-Hunting and When First Unto This Country.

19 January 1999
A few more 'solo' songs: Bright Morning Stars, Old And In The Way, Knockin' On Your Door, Wild Horses and White Dove.

17 January 1999
More 'solo' songs added: Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox, Biloxi, After Midnight, Lay Down Sally, Panama Red, Land Of The Navajo and Midnight Moonlight.

16 January 1999
Some small bits of tidying up, and a more definitive "original" version of The Frozen Logger from Matt Schofield.

15 January 1999
One more 'solo' song added: Pig In A Pen. An updates (thanks to Matt Schofield) to I Truly Understand. And minor updates based on Deadlists correspondence to Look On Yonder's Wall, Tastebud and Come Back Baby.
12 January 1999
Thanks to David Gans for pointing out that the song soundchecked on 26 March 1995 was Please, Please, Please by James Brown, not the Beatles' "Please, Please Me"

1 January 1999
Additional 'solo' songs added: Hesitation Blues, Down In The Valley, I Truly Understand, Louis Collins and Dreadful Wind And Rain.

For earlier additions to my site see the 1998 archive.


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