Extract from email from Todd Corey about the sub-division of the Terrapin Station suite:
"I have an old CD player that has a feature that I have not seen since. It's called "index" and indicates which portion of a subdivided track (such as Terrapin Station) you are listening to. By watching this "index" number along with the track timings, I came up with the following:
Song Start End Characterized by...
Lady with a Fan 0:00 4:10 Starts with "Let my inspiration flow..."
Terrapin Station 4:10 6:35 Starts with "Since the end is never told..."
Terrapin 6:35 8:43 Main instrumental theme
Terrapin Transit 8:43 9:20 Glass tinkling, strings, ends with 2 gongs
At a Siding 9:20 11:05 Starts with loud gong, includes "While you were gone..."
Terrapin Flyer 11:05 13:59 Fast passage...steel drums, violins, horns, fast guitar
Refrain 13:59 16:18 Reprise of Terrapin theme with vocal chorus
"I know this is somewhat different from what is commonly accepted, but I'm quite sure this is accurate. Terrapin is the main theme, Terrapin Transit is the spacey transition (makes sense), and At a Siding includes both the instrumental part (which is the music for L'Alhambra, thought to be Terrapin Transit) and the lyrical part. Terrapin Station does not include the main instrumental portion that follows."
This makes a lot of sense. And it is consistent with the timings given for the individual tracks in Ihor Slabicky's Compleat Grateful Dead Discography. Ihor also refers to a "Specially Banded For Airplay" version with the "Terrapin" side pressed with bands separating the songs.

I do, however, have one doubt about whether "Since the end is never told ..." belongs to "Lady With A Fan" or "Terrapin Station." Both Robert Hunter's lyrics in the book "Box Of Rain" and the sheet music have this portion part of "Lady With A Fan," in contrast with the analysis above which puts it in "Terrapin Station."