You Can't Catch Me

Lyrics: Grateful Dead
Music: Grateful Dead

Dennis McNally mentions the Dead singing a song titled "You Can't Catch Me" in his book " A Long Strange Trip", though no recording under this title seems to be in circulation:

On returning to the Bay Area [in early 1966] they had a couple of gigs at the Matrix ... In addition to Chuck Berry, the jug material, Pig's blues tunes, and the originals, they'd added a couple of covers ... and three more originals: "You Can't Catch Me", "The Monster" and "Otis On A Shakedown Cruise." (p120)
It is possible that "You Can't Catch Me" was the title of a song we know under another name, such as You See A Broken Heart, Standing On The Corner or Keep Rolling By, though there is no indication from the lyrics of any link to "You Can't Catch Me". It is perhaps more likely that this wasn't an original but was a cover of the Chuck Berry song "You Can't Catch Me".


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