WPLJ (White Port and Lemon Juice)

Lyrics: Dobard, McDaniels
Music: Dobard, McDaniels

Played once by Jerry Garcia with Merl Saunders on 24 Sep 1971. Originally a hit in the 50s for the Four Deuces, it was covered by Frank Zappa on his "Burnt Weeny Sandwich" LP.

In an interview with Dennis McNally in the book "Jerry on Jerry", Jerry Garcia recalled:

"And then White Port Lemon Juice, 'WPLJ'. That was one of my anthem songs when I was in junior high school and around there. That was one of those songs everybody knew. And that everybody sang. Everybody sang that street-corner favorite."
These are the lyrics from the Four Deuces version (thanks to Russ Hiltz of the Mudcats):
Well, WPLJ, sure tastes good to me
WPLJ, won't you take a drink with me
It's a good good wine
Really makes you feel so fine
(so fine, so fine, so fine)

Well, I went to the store
When they opened up the door
I said, please, please, please
Give me some more

White port and lemon juice
White port and lemon juice
White port and lemon juice
Ooh, what it'll do to you

Well, the W is white
The P is the port
L is the lemon
And J is the juice


You take the bottle
You take the can
Shake "em up fine
You got a good good wine


I feel so good
I feel so fine
I got plenty lovin'
and I got plenty wine


Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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