Wondering (Boats)

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

A track from an unreleased Robert Hunter album. It generally circulates under the title "Wondering" but it appears from Hunter's copyright registrations that its true title may be "Boats".

It's not so much a question of
Not knowing what the answer is
I knew that much at least before I came

I just wondered what it might be like
To live the life my mind contrived
Knowing that the chance would not remain

Wondering if your eyes were heavy
With the dream as mine were heavy
Wondering if we'd wake outside the rain

Or if the two of us
Would just disolve as many others must
Into the dreamless night outside of pain

Questions that the seasons ask
Left unanswered as before
The wheel turns, the boats drift far away

And in the sand a shadow lies
And in the sky a swallow dies
And if I come then must I go away
     Date Album Recorded By
     1973 Untitled Robert Hunter


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