Who Makes The Moves?

Lyrics: Robert Hunter, Barry Melton
Music: Robert Hunter, Barry Melton

The only song on the Dinosaurs CD with Robert Hunter performing (he wrote the lyrics to some of their other songs). It doesn't appear in Robert Hunter's lyric book "Box Of Rain", perhaps because it is co-written with Barry Melton. I assume that Barry Melton wrote the portions he sings (indicated below) and Robert Hunter the portions he sings:

I know we all are different
In some ways we're the same
I know we've all been pushed around
Like pieces in a game

Who, who, who
Who makes the moves?
Who, who, who
Who makes the moves?

Along come a dinosuar, his tale told twice
Singing of hard-hearted Anna from a stage of ice
A red-hot scarlet spotlight melts the stage into a flood
Flows across the footlights like a waterfall of blood


Paper, scissors, diamond, knife, a game of roshambo
Chances are what chances are but chances are you know
A grassy knoll in Dallas testifies what none can prove
A nation sunk in apathy don't really seem to care exactly who


You might think I'm crazy
Something's going down
The way it's going it won't be long
Until we're all underground

Tell me
     Date Album Recorded By
     2005 Friends Of Extinction Dinosaurs

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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