Where I Come From

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: David Nelson

A Hunter/Nelson song first played by the New Riders of the Purple Sage in April 2008.

Where I come from
You can read by the light of the stars
Pass the map, Mahoney
It can't be all that far
I would know it anywhere
Sight unseen, we're almost there
This smells like the end
Where I come from

Where I come from
All the roads are rocky and steep
And you aren't judged by
The company you keep
I would know you anywhere
Salt sea breezes in your hair
No one to compare
Where I come from

Where I come from
Smack on the demarcator line
If the sun don't rise, you know
Won't be for lack of trying
Fed up rehearsing my part
Gonna wing this one right from the heart
The only place to start
Where I come from

Where I come from
It used to be a border state
Nothing but my own reflection
On the dinner plate
Tonight I choose to dine alone
Me and the dog might share a bone
We don't waste a crumb
Where I come from

Where I come from
There's only one law to keep
Simple enough to recall
Even in your sleep
Only, only thing that's taught in school
Love if you can, but don't be cruel
That's the rule of thumb
Where I come from

Highway's calling
But I'm not calling back
All I ever wanted was
A two-room shack
Free to come and free to go
The only life I care to know
An old guitar to strum
Where I come from
New Riders Recordings
     Date Album
     2009 Where I Come From (note 1)

(1) radio mix included on Where I Come From: Radio Mixes and Live Bonus


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