When You Say When

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Rob Barraco

A Hunter/Barraco song from The Dragonflys CD.

Well, most of the time I watch and wonder
Is anything worth what it takes to earn?
Well most of the time it all depends
On lessons I don't seem to ever learn

Lovin' another's never easy, let alone
Treating thy neighbor as thy own self in
A high stakes poker game

But I'll bet you a hundred dollars to a dime
The wall that I climb is the wall from which I fall
But I'll climb again when you say "when"

You wear the moon and the stars around your finger
They rise and they shine when you tell them to
They fall back down to land when you wave your hand
How it is that happens I don't know

One and all fall, then they rise back once again
Over yonder garden wall when you say
"When," when you say "when"

You may tell me it's time to take what's mine
Or let it all go - win, lose or show, you know
It all depends when you say "when"

Got a card in the mail, here's what it read
Keep your dead ass out of jail and keep the baby fed

Well I been sweating in the cold wet wind and rain
Well I been tryin' to tune the whistle on
A hellbound diesel train

Well I been tryin' with all my homesick soul
To see you again, me and all of my friends
Know it all depends, it all depends
Depends on when, when you say "when"
     Date Album Recorded By
     2005 When We All Come Home The Dragonflys
     12 Nov 2005 For Rex: The Black Tie Dye Ball Zen Tricksters plus friends


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