When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall

Lyrics: Albert Price
Music: Albert Price

Rehearsed by Old And In The Way but never performed live. In the rehearsal tape, Peter Rowan remembers the first couple of lines of each verse but forgets the rest - the lyrics below are from the Bill Monroe version.

I left the one that love in the mountains
And all the love we shared
But each night as she kneels by her bed side
I know she calls my name in her prayer

When the moon shines on the Blue Ridge mountains
And it seems I can hear my sweetheart call
How I long to be near my darling
When the golden leaves begin to fall

She knows that I'll return to the mountains
And will bring to her a wedding ring
It will be placed upon her finger
Happiness to us both it will bring

Winter time is so cold in the mountains
The ground will soon be white with snow
How I long to keep the home fires burning
For I know my darling needs me so


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