We Leave The Castle

Lyrics: [None]
Music: Tom Constanten

This is one of the components of the suite That's It For The Other One on Anthem Of The Sun. The original title probably didn't bear any definite link to a portion of the suite, but it now seems to be identified as the jam that follows the reprise of Cryptical Envelopment, after the end of The Other One.

See the notes on That's It For The Other One for additional information.

Dennis McNally says this in his book "Long Strange Trip":

"Phil's friend Tom Constanten worked with them on prepared piano, in which he produced curious sounds by wedging coins (Dutch dimes were preferred), combs or clothespins in the strings. They used colored noises he'd recorded with Pousseur in Belgium, and the ringing sound in "We Leave The Castle" ... was from a tape that was cut. In Los Angeles he'd dropped a gyroscope on the piano's sounding board and almost destroyed Hassinger's hearing and sanity."

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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