Wandering Man

Lyrics: Phil Lesh
Music: Phil Lesh

A tape recently (2016) surfaced of a Grateful Dead practice session on an unknown 1966. It involves Phil and Jerry noodling and then preparing for a take of what turns out to be a previously unknown song, sung (and presumably written) by Phil.

Here are the lyrics as best as i can make them out:

Oh wandering man's gotta find you someday
You'll meet him in old [sun row]
You'll tell him the reason you're running away
From past lives unfilled with love
But you're trying to accomplish the [stock?] and the people
You're passing on and swept and [?]
Your temptations are laid in the [?]
Trying to [?], you lose all the while
Others still looked all around
Others still hacked at colors
Others still you left all fall down

And you don't know
Going out to Jerusalem
I love you and before
I get loose too and I get

[Wandering] This cottage reserved and quiet
[Wandering] We're going away cold quiet
[Wandering] Who'll face to see there's no way
[Wandering] Away from any play

No real lover, he claims no rhyme
They mean nothing, he has no fine
Trying nothing, he plays no game
Playing nothing, he needs no name

So you don't know
Going out to Jerusalem
There's no reason to tell the world

Only you know
And the wise man
Wandering man, wandering man
Wandering man, wandering man


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