Visions Under The Moon

Lyrics: David Nelson
Music: David Nelson

I don't know where to begin, so I'll start at the middle
To fill you in, take it little by little
Can't see the woods for the trees
Around this chapel of ease
The memory leaves
For me to believe in

Just outside the doorway lies a measure of moonlight
For all things on earth treasured here
That disappear
In fruitless tears

If I had taken my time, I might have given up early
It stays on my mind in a hell of a hurry
Then takes a hold by degrees
Sailing too close to the breeze
Far away seas
Whose visions are these

Secret bribes are left here hung on hooks made of silver
Ways to gifts in faces we made
With each proper name
Inside of a frame

     Date Album Recorded By
     1999 Visions Under The Moon David Nelson Band


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