Two Djinn

Lyrics: Bob Weir, Gerrit Graham
Music: Bob Weir and other from Ratdog

One of the new Ratdog songs, now included on their CD.

Out on the road in West Marin
In a cloud of dust I met two djinn
One was bright as pride and thin
The other was fat and black as sin
Isn't this how all good tales begin

The big one looked a lot like you
The other one looked just like you too
They wound me round, they ran me through (note 1)
A score of lies they swore were true
Isn't that what genies always do

Night come sudden, dawn be soon
Bide my time by the dark of the moon
My strange heroes lead me on
But when I get there they'll be gone

Ever since I was a pup
Deal was I'd sing before I'd sup
My silver spoon's this beggar's cup
And when it's empty I fill up
All I have to do is just show up (note 2)

The prophet said all flesh is grass
He had a soul like old stained glass
A smile as sweet as sasafrass
Well that ol' boy can kiss my ass
Who the hell can wait for life to pass


I'm going to Adam's home in a world that we can't see
To sing drunk with the angels, play again for free
The way that is no way is calling you to me
If we don't believe together, we might just cease to be

Way down by the shining gate
The djinn revealed to me my fate
You and I, we've got a date
I'll be there, but you'll be late
Maybe things really comes to those that wait (note 3)

Those two djinn they couldn't stay
Chased away by dawn's first rays (note 4)
They called back as they ran away
They told me, "Have a real fine day"
Isn't that what genies always say?



A short while back the door flung wide
We all saw good luck on the other side
The door blew shut but here's the deal
Dreams are lies, it's the dreaming that's real

It's the dreaming that's real
Dreams are lies, it's the dreaming that's real
Dreaming that's real

It's the dreaming that's real
Dreaming that's real
Dreaming that's real
Dreaming that's real
(1) these are the lyrics as Bob Weir sings them on "Evening Moods". The lyrics in the CD booklet are "They ran me round, they wound me through" which may just be a mistake. An earlier version while he song was being developed was "Around, around, they ran, they threw"
(2) an earlier version of this line was "Best I do then is just shut up"
(3) Bob Weir now sings this line as "Will all things come to him who waits" (thanks to Ben Anderson for pointing this out)
(4) an earlier version of these two lines was "They didn't stay to hear me play/Before they turned and went their way"

Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     Sep 2000 Evening Moods Ratdog (note 4)

(4) also on the compilation Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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