Lyrics: Gerald Nelson/Fred Burch
Music: Gerald Nelson/Fred Burch

Recorded for Jerry Garcia's second album ("Compliments Of ...") but not released on the original album.

Wind and storm
Gone's the sun
From the stars
My dark has come
You're gone from me
Whoa oh, tragedy

Oh come back
Have me here
Hold me love
Be sincere
You're gone from me
Whoa oh, tragedy

Like smoke
From a fire
Of love, whoa oh oh oh
Our dreams
Have all gone
Above, whoa oh oh oh

Blown by wind
Kissed by the snow
All that's left
Is the dark below
You're gone from me
Whoa oh, tragedy
Whoa oh, tragedy
Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1974 Compliments Of ... Jerry Garcia (note 1)
(1) bonus track on the reissued album included in the box set All Good Things

The first recording was by Thomas Wayne with the DeLons in 1959, and went to #5 in the Billboard charts. The song was written by Gerald Nelson, but he never recorded it--indeed, according to Dick Rosemont who spoke to Nelson, Thomas Wayne cut his version of the song the night it was written. It was subsequently re-recorded by the Fleetwoods in 1961, and reached #10 on the Billboard charts.


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