Tin Crown Blue

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Little glass of poison brew
killed my baby thru & thru
that's why I'm blue
Wouldn't you be blue, too?

You say you don't get discouraged
All it takes is time and courage
Lay long enough on the track
and the train will come

If I follow you all the way down
wearing the blues like an old tin crown
could you show me where to park?
Where to crash when it gets dark?

Sweet glory is the place that I come from
It's where I guess I'll go when I move on
Not asking for the seeds and core
but there's got to be some more
If you need someone to slam, I am your door

Shoot off the lock and tell you what I see
A stick, a string, and a leaf don't make a tree
     there's always one more rat to fleece,
     one more squeaky wheel to grease
     Good-bye, good luck, and please
     Sign this release

You say that's what friends are for
Might of been, it ain't no more
Take a lot of Auld Lang Syne
to square the score

Short of spitting in each other's eye
Let's just say that time does fly
Keep in touch and don't forget
to write me if you die

Sweet glory is the place that I come from
It's where I hope to go when I move on
Shift into overdrive, hit the brake when I arrive
Catch your death down here and think you're still alive


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