Tears Of Rage

Lyrics: Bob Dylan, Richard Manuel
Music: Bob Dylan, Richard Manuel

Played by Jerry with the JGB in the 1990s.

We carried you in our arms on Independence Day
And now you'd throw us all aside and put us on our way
Oh what dear daughter 'neath the sun could treat her father so (note 1)
To wait upon him hand and foot, yet always answer "no"? (note 2)

Tears of rage, tears of grief
Why must I always be the thief?
Come to me now, you know we're so alone
And life is brief

We pointed out the way to go, and scratched your name in sand (note 3) (note 4)
But you just thought it was nothing more
Than a place for you to stand
While we watched and waited for you to find there was no one true (note 5)
I myself was among the ones who thought
It was a childish thing to do


It was all so very painless when you went [ran] out to receive (note 6)
All that false instruction that we never could believe
And now the heart is filled with gold as if it was a purse
But oh what kind of love is this, that goes from bad to worse?


Come to me now
You know we're so alone
And life is brief
(1) the original by The Band was "... to treat a father so"
(2) the original was "... yet always tell him no"
(3) the Band sing the second and third verses in the reverse order to Jerry
(4) the original was "We pointed you the way to go"
(5) the original was "I want you to know that while we watched, you discovered no one would be true"
(6) the original was "... when you ran out to receive"

Jerry Garcia Recordings
     15 Apr 1990 How Sweet It Is Jerry Garcia Band
      5 Aug 1990 Garcia Live Volume 2 Jerry Garcia Band

(7) on bonus disc with advance orders from jerrygarcia.com
(8) also on Garcia Live Volume 2

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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