Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Bill Payne

One of the new songs with Robert Hunter lyrics performed by Bill Payne. He introduced itin June 2013 as follows:

My grandaughter, Sophie, ... she lives in Ireland. ... Three or four months ago, she crawled out of the second story of the house that my son lives in, in Kenmare, and she slid down this awning, seven feet, concrete, on her head. She's absolutely OK - she had some skull fractures, she was in the hospital, doing fine. I was in the middle of writing a couple of songs with Robert Hunter, who's also a grandfather. He sent me some lyrics. He said "use them if you feel appropriate." His wife and he are grandparents, and they know exactly what I was feeling at the time. So when I say I know him, I do know this man. It's all planned out, it was a gift I'd never be able to repay. Sophie's heard this song, she loved it.
This is a first shot at the lyrics - any help gratefully received.
In some corner of my heart
Deeper than words can feel
Deeper than dreams can steal
Deeper than music can reveal
A tiny white flower
Planted deep in my soul

May the will of the wind protect you from harm
May the sky defend you
One part independent creature
One part stranger from the wild
Another part, angel by nature
Altogether make one child

It's a moment for forever
Not for the time to time
Deeper than wishing's well
Deeper than midnight spell
Rainbow round the rose
Shining in the garden

May my song stay with you
Long after I am gone
Hurry home my love


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