Slow Joe Rain

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Mickey Hart, Babatunde Olatunji, Andre Pessis, Ben Yonas

One of the new songs with lyrics by Robert Hunter introduced by the Mickey Hart Band in 2011.

Slow Joe Rain from Lake Champlain
I like my oysters raw
I like my women fat and mean
I don't obey the law

I didn't come to stand around
And practice on my grin
When I'm knocking on your door
Get up and let me in

I'm Slow Joe Rain from Lake Champlain
A thistle in the wind
I'm Slow Joe Rain from Lake Champlain
I won't tell you again

This is not my story
Which it would not do to tell
This is not the history of
My nine foot chain in hell

It's just my observation
You can take it for what it's worth
If you can't fix a busted heart
Don't try to save the earth (note 1)


I got no ambition
But to get an honest break
And try to give back just as good
As I might ever take

When it comes to loving
I'm jealous in my pride
That's why I walk my way alone
With no one by my side


While I've got your attention (note 2)
For the moment, anyway
I'll tell you a thing or two
And then be on my way

I don't like to give advice
When asked the time of day
It's later than you think you know
And half past what you say


I promise I won't tell you again
I say I won't tell you again
I won't tell you again
(1) sometimes "How you gonna save the earth"
(2) These two verses are only sung in some live versions (eg 30 November 2011), and are not on the studio version on "Mysterium Tremendum". Thanks to Eugene Baran for pointing this out.

Mickey Hart Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     2012 Mysterium Tremendum Mickey Hart Band
     2012 Live At The 2012 Wanee Music Festival Mickey Hart Band

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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