Sheikh Of Araby

Lyrics: Harry Beasley Smith, Francis Wheeler
Music: Ted Snyder

Played as an instrumental by Jerry Garcia with the Great American String Band on 12 June 1974.

Although very often played as an instrumental, it does have lyrics:

Over the desert wild and free
Rides the bold sheik of Araby
His Arab band, at his command
Follow his love's caravan
Under the shadow of the palms
He sings to call her to his arms

I'm the sheik of Araby
Your love belongs to me
At night when you're asleep
Into your tent I'll creep
The stars that shine above
Will light our way to love
You'll rule this land with me
The sheik of Araby

While stars are fading in the dawn
Over the desert they'll be gone
His captured bride close by his side
Swift as the wind they will ride
Proudly he scorns her smile or tear
Soon he will conquer love by fear



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