Seven Walkers

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Malcolm Welbourne (Papa Mali), Bill Kreutzmann, Matt Hubbard, Reed Mathis

One of the new songs with Robert Hunter lyrics played by 7 Walkers featuring Bill Kreutzmann and Papa Mali.

Seven walkers, walking in the sky
Seven walkers, watching from on high
Seven walkers, offer their protection
Seven walkers, looking down from heaven

This fine day, find me strolling in the city
Weather so fine, and the women so pretty
Money in my pocket, no worry, not a care
Going down Decatur to Jackson Square


Blue bird of happy building nest in my hair
Looking for somebody with a love to share
Found a silver dollar laying on the ground
Got enough good luck to pass a bit around


I got enough money to score her a pint of rum
Enough left over for a stick of chewing gum
Mama was a rattle snake, papa was a bear
As for little sister there's another story there


Seven walkers watching me wherever I go
Always looking out for me, down here below
Offer their protection till I find my rightful name
Written on the water of the sea from which I came


I feel the pain of others, a blessing and a curse
Got the means to heal, citing chapter, book and verse
I walk with the living, feel the sun upon my skin
On bended knee I pray to be forgiven for my sins

     Date Album Recorded By
     2010 Seven Walkers Seven Walkers

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For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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