See The Other Side

Lyrics: Brent Mydland
Music: Brent Mydland

Recorded by Brent Mydland for a solo album but never released. The copyrighted title is "See The Other Side" but it is sometimes listed as as "Guide Me"

Keep in touch with your senses
Don't let it change your heart
Start your putting up fences
They will only keep you apart

See the other side
And understand
She had to hide
And so she ran
She has her pride
But needs a hand
She needs a hand
To see the other side

Not meaning to hurt you
But not quite knowing why
She tried to alert you
But you let it slip by


There are two ways of singing
The very same song
And there are two ways of thinking
Neither one's right or wrong

Find her under her cover
Help to set her free
Let her know that you love her
And tell her what you see


(See the other side)
To see the other side
(See the other side)
To see the other side


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